The 34-26 Brooklyn Nets are in Charlotte tonight, taking on a team that has the dubious honor of being the worst team in the NBA for two years running. After last year's 7-59 record in the lockout-shortened season, the Bobcats have improved substantially, increasing their record all the way to 13-47. That's almost double the wins in less time!

The Nets have been in a bit of a slide recently, losing two embarrassing games over the weekend to the Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks, and the Bobcats seem like the type of medicine an ill team would like to ingest. But, and don't stop me if you've heard this cliche before because you totally have, that's why they play the games.

Joining me to help figure out what's going on in Charlotte -- and why tonight's game might be a tad closer than we expect -- is Spencer Percy from ESPN TrueHoop Charlotte Bobcats blog Queen City Hoops. Earlier today, I helped QCH with their preview of the game, so if you'd like to see my thoughts on tonight's matchup, go check it out by clicking on these here words.

Also: don't forget to play The BK Game Streak (above). Onward!

Spencer Percy on the Charlotte Bobcats

Devin: The Bobcats are bad, in so many ways. Do you have hope that a) they have a chance tonight, and b) that they're on the right track, and if so, why?

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