Deron Williams Brooklyn Nets

Deron Williams (AP/Henny Ray Abrams)

All assists are not created equal, and. Look at the box score from Monday night's Brooklyn Nets win over the Manhattan/New York Knicks, and you'll see that Deron Williams had 14 assists, a number that he has equaled or bettered only 12 times in his career as a Net. But merely looking at that still-impressive number in a box score, without context, doesn't do his performance and those assists justice.

Luckily for you, is here to serve as the judge and jury for all of D-Will’s assists, restoring order to the land of the Nets, and serving justice to some of those better, more difficult assists that Williams completed last night.

His passes came in a dazzling array. An underhand dish, a no-look in the lane, a one-handed pass off the bounce; you name it, Williams tossed it. All assists aren’t created equal, some rise above.

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