Nets Lead Celtics Wire-To-Wire, Keep Home Court

Nets Lead Celtics Wire-To-Wire, Keep Home Court

Here’s everything you need to know about Sunday night’s Nets victory over the Boston Celtics: What happened: The Brooklyn Nets made up for their 25-point loss two nights earlier to the Boston Celtics by maintaining home court in a strong 111-101 victory. Where they stand: At 3-11, the Nets are fourth in the Atlantic Division. […]

Confusion On Late Inbounds Play Dooms Nets

Confusion On Late Inbounds Play Dooms Nets

With their first potential win of the season on the horizon, the Brooklyn Nets drew up a play that was doomed from the start. More specifically, it was the spot. Or the speed, depending who you ask. “That’s what it was, a five-second call,” Hollins said. “We didn’t get it in in time. In those […]

NBA Predictions: MVP, DPOY, Finals Picks, & More


TBG goes around the horn to predict the NBA season.

Top 10 Nets Games You Should Go To, Ranked


The NBA season schedule is out, which means it’s time to mark your calendar for Nets nights. Here’s one crack at a top 10 list. The criteria, in no particular order: overall quality of opponent, interesting or fascinating players, returning Nets, scarcity of games (the Warriors coming once means more than the Cavaliers coming twice), […]

The Los Angeles Clippers now have the NBA’s most expensive “Big 3”

DeAndre Jordan is all smiles after returning to the Clippers. (AP)

After re-signing DeAndre Jordan to a max deal following the Great Free Agency Emoji War of 2015, the Los Angeles Clippers now have the most expensive “Big 3” in the NBA, clocking in at a little over $60 million in salary for Jordan, Blake Griffin, and Chris Paul. With Griffin, Jordan, and Paul all commanding […]

Nets Roundtable: Can the Nets Shock the Hawks?


Can the Nets knock off the Hawks? Game 1 kicks off at 5:30 P.M. EDT Sunday. Full schedule here. 1) The Brooklyn Nets regular season was… Ryan Carbain: Illogical. A minus-232 point differential for the season, outscored by 3.1 points per possession, and yet this team had stretches of pretty brilliant basketball and made the […]

Eastern Conference Playoffs Update: The Race For Eight Is A Giant Mess

With two days left in the NBA season, nearly all is settled. Nearly. Neeearly. Fourteen teams have guaranteed a playoff spot, with the eighth seed in both conferences coming down to the final day. The Oklahoma City Thunder & New Orleans Pelicans both still have a shot in the Western Conference, and with the Nets […]

What 2016’s Crazy Cap Increase Means For The Nets

With the NBA’s $24 billion TV deal set to begin in 2016, the salary cap will spike. Last week, the players rejected a proposal to “smooth” that increase over several years. The cap is now set to rise from $66 million this summer to between $88 and $92 million in the summer of 2016. What […]

The Stifle Tower invades Brooklyn

The Nets (25-35) are dragging. After a blowout loss to the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday, the team put forth a feeble effort Friday night against the Phoenix Suns; despite numerous turnovers and poor shooting throughout, the Nets were still in prime position to win the game, up 91-76 with 5:45 remaining in the game. But […]

Brooklyn Nets look to stay sharp against Denver Nuggets

The “second half” started well for the Brooklyn Nets (22-31): a 114-105 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday led by strong performances from Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez, the artists formerly known as the “Big 3.” Williams’s 12-point, 15-assist showing, leading the team to a season-high 29 assists, was particularly encouraging. […]