Dwight Howard Orlando Magic, Brook Lopez Brooklyn Nets

Neither of these two will play tonight! (AP)

The Brooklyn Nets travel to sunny Florida tonight to take on the Orlando Magic for the third time in the first month of the season. After dismantling them in their first two matchups, the Nets look to make the third time a charm, though they'll be without their star center Brook Lopez.

Joining me to talk tonight's Nets-Magic matchup is Noam Schiller, contributor to ESPN TrueHoop Orlando Magic affiliate blog Magic Basketball. I don't know many folks that watch more basketball or know the game more intimately than Noam, and if you're a hoops fan he's definitely worth your follow and read.

We're going, as per usual, in one-on-one style: I've asked Noam three questions that have piqued my curiosity about the Orlando Magic, and in turned he's asked me three questions on your Brooklyn Nets.

Noam on the Orlando Magic

Devin: This is the third matchup between Orlando and Brooklyn -- one ugly blowout, one ugly close win. Should we expect anything not ugly tonight?

Noam: Well,... MORE →