The Evening After: Brooklyn Dominates Manhattan

The Evening After: Brooklyn Dominates Manhattan

Hello New York basketball hipsters. Thank you for your continued support of The Brooklyn Game, your only locally-grown artisanal analysis of the Brooklyn Nets. Do the cool thing and pick up an unironic t-shirt at The Brooklyn Game Store. Your support keeps us alive. Thank you! Here’s a roundup of today’s Nets festivities.

VIDEO: The “Brooklyn” Chant Rung Through Madison Square Garden In Nets Blowout Win Over Knicks

VIDEO: The “Brooklyn” Chant Rung Through Madison Square Garden In Nets Blowout Win Over Knicks

With the Brooklyn Nets putting the finishing touches on a 103-80 blowout over their cross-bridge rival New York Knicks, some Knicks fans took to booing or feeble “Fire Woodson!” chants. But the loudest chant of the night was Brooklyn’s famous “Brooook-lynnnn” chant, which was loudest at this point in the fourth quarter but occurred throughout. […]

Mike Woodson Is Not Happy With That Foul Call, Y’all (GIF)

Mike Woodson

In the first half of Monday afternoon’s Brooklyn Nets-New York Knicks cross-bridge battle, Joe Johnson drew a touch foul on Iman Shumpert going up for a shot. YES Network’s replay showed that Shumpert grazed Johnson’s hand, but it probably should’ve been a no-call. Instead, it sent the crowd into a fury and Knicks coach Mike […]

Fantasy Basketball Rankings: Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Knicks

Joe Johnson

(Note: SPONSORED POST) Close your eyes and imagine a landfill. I want you to envision all the foul smelling items you have disposed of recently mixed in: expired food, dead rat carcasses stuck in mouse traps, human vomit, and all the other wretched things left to never be seen again in those horrible places. Try […]

Nets burned from outside as Knicks blow up shaky defense

Carmelo Anthony

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Somewhat unprompted, Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd opened his press conference talking about the Knicks woes from outside, establishing to reporters that the team had a gameplan to beat the New York Knicks in the cross-bridge battle. Indeed, the Nets had a clear directive, one that they didn’t shy from in the […]