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Projected record: 39-43 (9th in East)


Derek Fisher, Steve Mills, Phil Jackson

Derek Fisher (center) and Phil Jackson (right) with Steve Mills (left), who allegedly is the GM. (AP)

Head coach: Derek Fisher
2013-14 record: 37-45
2013-14 ORtg: 105.4 (11th)
2013-14 DRtg: 106.5 (24th)
Players in: Derek Fisher (coach), Quincy Acy, Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert, Cleanthony Early, Travis Outlaw, Jason Smith, rights to Thanasis Antetokounmpo
Players out: Mike Woodson (coach), Tyson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Kenyon Martin, Toure' Murry, Lamar Odom, Jeremy Tyler
Projected Starting Lineup: Jose Calderon, Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire

Let's start with the best-case: Amar'e Stoudemire rediscovers some offensive magic, Jose Calderon hums along and keeps erratic Knicks shooters in check, Iman Shumpert puts together a full season of locking down opposing scorers, efficiency bursts out of Carmelo Anthony for the second straight year, Andrea Bargnani is only kind of terrible, and they score enough points game in and game out to offset their average defense and surge into the playoffs behind first-year coach Derek Fisher.

Worst-case? Stoudemire can't stay healthy and can't defend the paint when he is, Calderon's efficiency drops back to earth after two incredible seasons, Bargnani is fully terrible, Anthony sulks through a season with disappointing teammates, Fisher tries to usurp Phil Jackson's job, gets "released," and heads off to coach the Milwaukee Bucks while Spike Lee takes his job on the sidelines.

The truth will probably lie somewhere in the middle.

Is that a playoff team in the East?
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KG, Paul, Joe, Shaun, & the Nets took the Knicks to school on their home court. (AP)

KG, Paul, Joe, Shaun, & the Nets took the Knicks to school on their home court. (AP)

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Here's a roundup of today's Nets festivities.
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With the Brooklyn Nets putting the finishing touches on a 103-80 blowout over their cross-bridge rival New York Knicks, some Knicks fans took to booing or feeble "Fire Woodson!" chants. But the loudest chant of the night was Brooklyn's famous "Brooook-lynnnn" chant, which was loudest at this point in the fourth quarter but occurred throughout.

This isn't the first time that The Brooklyn Chant has entered Madison Square Garden's airwaves, but it was the most prominent one in the two-year rivalry. Or, as Nets Stats put it:


In the first half of Monday afternoon's Brooklyn Nets-New York Knicks cross-bridge battle, Joe Johnson drew a touch foul on Iman Shumpert going up for a shot. YES Network's replay showed that Shumpert grazed Johnson's hand, but it probably should've been a no-call. Instead, it sent the crowd into a fury and Knicks coach Mike Woodson into rare furor form:
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The Brooklyn Nets are 6-1 in 2014, with a fair amount of credit going to Shaun Livingston. He's been a highlight reel in the absence of Deron Williams and today's matinee game against the New York Knicks is no exception.

Watch Livingston block Iman Shumpert on a three-point attempt and throw down an emphatic slam emphatically over a trailing Shumpert. Even with Williams back in the Nets lineup, Livingston isn't showing signs of slowing down.


Mike Woodson

How long does this impeccably chiseled goatee have in New York City? (AP)

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Joe Johnson

Who has the best fantasy basketball value in New York? (AP/Kathy Willens)

Close your eyes and imagine a landfill. I want you to envision all the foul smelling items you have disposed of recently mixed in: expired food, dead rat carcasses stuck in mouse traps, human vomit, and all the other wretched things left to never be seen again in those horrible places. Try and conceptualize what that odor might smell like if you were to accidentally take a whiff. Starting to get a good feel for what experiencing that horrible part of the Earth may be like?

Also, have you figured out where I’m going with this?

As disgusting as that landfill might appear, the state of basketball in the state of New York is ten times worse. Staring at the screen for more than a ten second period during a Brooklyn Nets game makes my temperature suddenly rise and a pain grow in my forehead. It actually makes me physically sick to watch that team. To be fair, the Knicks aren’t any better (their record is actually worse). I am not even a New York sports fan, nor from the state, so I can only imagine how the locals feel.

But just because they aren’t playing well doesn’t mean that there isn’t fantasy value to be had. Most of the time, bad teams present value in fantasy because other owners will overlook them or just avoid. Bad teams have a tendency to get blown out or just don’t have an entertaining brand of basketball to watch, so owning their players is no fun. We've talked about this on Fantasy Basketball Money Leagues. Considering the high expectations the Nets had coming into the season, I doubt you were able to acquire their players at a discount. The Knicks, on the other hand, were very superstar-heavy from the start. If you wanted someone on the team, you targeted Carmelo Anthony and if you whiffed on him, you could wait a long time for the next.

I wanted to find out which team holds the better fantasy value. So I will go position by position analyzing which team has the superior fantasy performer at each spot. For only then can we really determine which team is more of a fantasy landfill than the other. Here's what I found:

Start Here: Point Guard


Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony channels Rasheed Wallace: three shots to the head. (AP)

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Somewhat unprompted, Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd opened his press conference talking about the Knicks woes from outside, establishing to reporters that the team had a gameplan to beat the New York Knicks in the cross-bridge battle. Indeed, the Nets had a clear directive, one that they didn't shy from in the postgame. They wanted the Knicks, who entered the game shooting just 32 percent from three-point range (third-worst in the league), to beat them from outside.

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Mike Woodson

Mike Woodson's job may rest on Thursday night's game. (AP)

On Thursday, the 3-13, ultra-disappointing New York Knicks will come to Brooklyn to battle 5-13, ultra-disappointing Brooklyn Nets in the first of four battle of the bads boroughs set for this season. How does the outcome impact each of these two downtrodden franchises exactly?
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