Mike Mazzeo of ESPN reports that Billy King has not contacted any potential coaching prospects. In an interview with ESPN NY radio on Sunday morning, King said:

"We've put our support behind (P.J.) and then we'll look at things and evaluate it later," King said. "I know people have been throwing lists together and things like that, but we have not contacted anybody. ... We've made the move and now we're going to let P.J. coach."

While King didn't want to put a timetable on anything, he did suggest that Carlesimo could conceivably finish out the season, calling it "a great opportunity" for Johnson's former assistant, who has several years of NBA head coaching experience under his belt with three other franchises.

Sources had told ESPN.com that the Nets have made Jackson, an 11-time NBA coaching champion, their top target to replace Johnson on a permanent basis. But when King was asked about when he was going to contact Jackson, he replied, "I don't know how many times I can say it or Mikhail can say it. P.J.'s our coach. We're gonna let him coach and then re-evaluate things. I know Mikhail said it about 10 times when he was asked, and I've been saying it, and I think people just keep dismissing what we say."

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Phil Jackson's agent says "Phil has no interest in coaching the Nets at this time."

Meanwhile, Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel says he texted with Stan Van Gundy and that he "has no interest in the Nets job."

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Sheridan Hoops says, not so fast. He thinks Jackson will, or should, consider the job.

And ESPN reports that Jackson is the Nets number one target, according to "NBA coaching sources."


Nominees already suggested in the forums include:

Jerry Sloan
Phil Jackson
Jerry Stackhouse
Jerry Seinfeld
The Van Gundys
Butch Beard
John Calipari
Patrick Ewing

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