The Weirdest NBA Gifts — That You Can Still Buy

Now Something for the Ladies

This one is for the girl that wants to show off her Nets-Fandom, but still wants to pay tribute to the team’s New Jersey roots.

NBA fans, it’s the holiday season! While this is a great time of the year, it doesn’t come without its own set of problems. One of the greatest stressors of the season is finding a good gift to give your friend, family member, co-worker, dog, co-worker’s dog, or dog’s co-worker. Well, we here at The […]

The Glue Guys Podcast: #MyBrooklynMascot


Summer League is over, Free Agency is nearly wrapped up, and it is time to focus on what matters most: Mascots. We want you to get involved! Tweet out your suggestions for who the next Nets Mascot should be with the #MyBrooklynMascot. Rundown: Start: Goodbye Paul. Hello Bojan! 18:45: Did Paul Pierce and Deron Williams […]

Roundtable: Nets-Cavaliers

Joe Cool (AP)

  Simply put, this may be the battle between the NBA’s most disappointing teams. The Nets lost the last time these teams played. The Nets have lost to a ton of teams. Back then, there was still hope for Cleveland, too. But, since then, the Cavaliers have lost in bunches as well. With two point […]

Kirilenko showing why he’s needed


Seeing the inevitable “Kirilenko listed as OUT” tweet on the afternoon of Nets game day was becoming a frustrating sight. As days turned into weeks turned into months, Kirilenko’s absence became just one more drop in the Nets’ ever-cresting wave of disappointment. But back healthy (relatively) and in the lineup again, it’s easy to see […]

Kyrie Irving out tomorrow

The Cavs biggest weapon, stud point guard Kyrie Irving, won’t play tomorrow against the Nets. Irving injured his left knee on a transition play in Tuesday’s loss against the Indiana Pacers. Irving won’t even travel with the team to Brooklyn to suit up. He is averaging 22.2 points and 6 assists this season.