This is Part 1 of The Glue Guys Brooklyn Nets season preview, joined by a special guest Managing Editor of The Brooklyn Game Devin Kharpertian. We take a player by player look at the roster, set our expectations and throw out some predictions for the year.

Part 2 takes a look at some of the big questions around the NBA: reasonable expectations for the Cavs, what direction are the Knicks heading in (up/down), why would the Spurs not repeat, and MORE!

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The theme of this pod is "If You Were Commissioner For A Day." Basically, if you could change one thing about basketball, the NBA or the Nets, what would you do. You can tweet at us @bkglueguys or comment below for what you would do. Thanks for listening as always.

TGG starts with some chit-chat about splicing animal genes into our own (among other things) then Nets News Nuggets
(13:00) Jack's Jersey Number: How do we feel about the #0
(17:10) Brook's Weight Loss: What would be a successful season for Brook
(22:45) Plums Team USA Experience and Hollins Big-Man Rotation.
(35:30) If you were commissioner for a day, topics include: L.E.D. Basketball Courts, Relegation, 5-Boro Mascots, the Mid-level Cumulative Continuity Bonus, and a Referee Command Center.

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Summer League is over, Free Agency is nearly wrapped up, and it is time to focus on what matters most: Mascots. We want you to get involved! Tweet out your suggestions for who the next Nets Mascot should be with the #MyBrooklynMascot.

Start: Goodbye Paul. Hello Bojan!
18:45: Did Paul Pierce and Deron Williams have a frosty relationship?
26:00: News Around the League: Knicks Orange Jerseys, Love Trade, Embiid's Twitter Revolution, and China.
42:40: Killer Komparison: A deep dive into the next Nets Mascot. #MyBrooklynMascot


30. Armen Gilliam

Picture 1 of 30

30. Armen Gilliam
One of the first basketball cards I ever owned. "The Hammer" played three seasons with the Nets, averaging 14.9 points and 7.5 rebounds per game.

Originally posted on March 23, 2013. Last updated May 30, 2014.

Roundtable: Nets-Cavaliers

Posted on: January 4th, 2014 by Benny Nadeau Comments



Joe Cool (AP)

Joe Cool (AP)

Simply put, this may be the battle between the NBA's most disappointing teams.

The Nets lost the last time these teams played. The Nets have lost to a ton of teams. Back then, there was still hope for Cleveland, too. But, since then, the Cavaliers have lost in bunches as well. With two point guards that would like to be considered elite, they've floundered under high expectations.

Someone suggested that the Nets should make an offer for Andrew Bynum, the NBA's biggest wildcard, which quickly prompted every Brooklyn fan in the nation to write a strongly worded letter to Billy King. Elsewhere, Joe Cool saved the day (and Chris Hooker!) in Oklahoma City.

This is the second straight game the Nets have played in which their opponent is missing their superstar-- they must take advantage if they'd like to right the ship once and for all. If the Nets win tonight, they'll likely find themselves just one game out of the playoffs.

We're talking about playoffs? Playoffs?

Well, we'll hold off on playoffs for now-- The BK Game breaks down this game below!

1. We finally saw a great game out of Deron Williams, can he repeat against the Irving-less Cavaliers?

Max Weisberg: Williams could (and should) be able to repeat his performance vs. OKC against anyone in the NBA -- especially the Cavs sans Irving. The only question will be: which role will Deron Williams be in? Will Kidd use the two point guard lineup again which allows Williams to become a scorer off the ball or will he use D-Will exclusively at point guard, allowing him to become the facilitator? With Shaun Livingston on the floor this season, Deron Williams' AST% is 24.4%. With Livingston on the bench this season, Williams' AST% increases to 34.4% -- clearly two different roles for D-Will.

Ben Nadeau: My fantasy team sure hopes so. But really, Williams had one of his better games of the year against OKC-- so, I'd to think he can come close to replicating it against the lowly Cavaliers. Jack isn't really known for his defense either. Last roundtable, I gave up on Deron Williams. This roundtable, I'm not ready to jump back on the bandwagon, but he's warming me up.

Will Rausch: I doubt Deron will match the season high 29 points he had against the Thunder, but there's a good chance he plays well against the Cavs. I'd say we're looking at more the double-doubles D-Will put up when he came back from his ankle injury in December. Jarret Jack is no scrub, but he's also not a stalwart defender. And let's create and buy into the narrative that the Nets want revenge for the opening night loss to the Cavs that set them on this odyssey of maladies that has been the 2013-14 season.

2. Should the Nets try to trade for Andrew Bynum?

Max Weisberg: If Bruce Ratner becomes majority owner of the Nets again, then yes, the Nets should trade for Bynum in order to save a couple million. Otherwise: NO.

Ben Nadeau: If anybody in the Brooklyn Nets franchise believes that Andrew Bynum is the answer to this team's problems-- they are sorely mistaken.

Will Rausch: Slowly step away from the trade machine, Billy King. For better or worse, this is the Nets team we should live with for now. It's time to put a moratorium on win now and win-nower moves.

3. With Irving out, which Cleveland player will give Brooklyn the most issues?

Max Weisberg: Jarrett Jack? It always seems like those quick-trigger point guards always give the Nets (and D-Will) trouble.

Ben Nadeau: Tristan Thompson, I guess. Garnett and Blatche aren't exactly the strongest forces inside anymore. Thompson is a hard-worker and has some decent range that will likely give them fits. Or Varejao-- he hustles too much not to have success against the Nets in the paint. Really, anybody that tries really hard will likely do well.

Will Rausch: Anderson Varejao. The floppy haired Brazilian is an inherently annoying and crafty player and the last time he played at Barclays, he dropped 35 points and 18 boards. In the Cavs first game without Irving on Tuesday, Varejao had a team high 18 points and 25 boards in the Cavs OT win.

Final Predictions:

Max Weisberg: Nets 102, Cavaliers 90

Ben Nadeau: Nets 100, Cavaliers 88

Will Rausch: Nets 95, Cavaliers 90





Seeing the inevitable "Kirilenko listed as OUT" tweet on the afternoon of Nets game day was becoming a frustrating sight.

As days turned into weeks turned into months, Kirilenko's absence became just one more drop in the Nets' ever-cresting wave of disappointment.

But back healthy (relatively) and in the lineup again, it's easy to see why many teams were envious of the Nets inking the lanky Russian.

In one 4th quarter sequence, Kirilenko showed off the skills that made him the “steal” of the offseason.

On this particular possession, Kirilenko displays great effort on the defensive end and does what any effective NBA defender must do in today’s game - give multiple efforts.

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Kyrie Irving out tomorrow

Posted on: January 3rd, 2014 by Chris Hooker Comments


The Cavs biggest weapon, stud point guard Kyrie Irving, won't play tomorrow against the Nets.

Irving injured his left knee on a transition play in Tuesday's loss against the Indiana Pacers.

Irving won't even travel with the team to Brooklyn to suit up. He is averaging 22.2 points and 6 assists this season.



In my family, whenever someone brags about something that is in any way complaining, we say, "Would you like a cookie?"

It's a terrible joke that is baked (pun intended) in sarcasm. And the response is usually a flat ha-ha.

The reason why I tell you this is because I would like to say, before I tell this story, that I would like a cookie. I deserve one.

I recently took a job as the sports editor for a weekly newspaper in Ithaca. I just moved into to my new apartment yesterday, and learned last night that I wouldn't have internet or cable until next week. Knowing I had an assignment to cover this game, I was left in a predicament as to where I could go to stream, grade and recap.

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Roundtable: Nets-Thunder

Posted on: January 2nd, 2014 by Benny Nadeau Comments



Kevin Durant is good at basketball. (AP)

Kevin Durant is good at basketball. (AP)

New year, same Nets.

After a blowout at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs, the Brooklyn Nets will look to avoid starting 2014 like they started the season: like hair clogging a shower drain-- miserable and gross. It's not a great image, but, hey, watching the Nets play basketball this season hasn't been pretty either.

Tonight, they take on the Oklahoma City Thunder-- or, as I like to call them: the Oklahoma Westbrook-less-team-that-is-still-a-million-times-better-than-the-Nets City Thunder. In case you've missed out on the continuously deteriorating season that belongs to Brooklyn, Garnett recently said he didn't know where he fit into the offense and Deron Williams confirmed that he's playing hurt again.

I wonder what Mikhail Prokhorov chose for his New Year's Resolution, any thoughts? Comment below!

The BK Game Crew breaks down the impending blowout!

1. Last game, we wondered how Deron Williams would match-up with Tony Parker-- and, well, the results speak for themselves. Tonight, Williams gets Reggie Jackson-- does it get better? Does it get worse? What's going on with DWill?

Ben Nadeau: I don't really know-- maybe it's time to get another injection? Is he sad? Is he embarrassed? Those things usually motivate players to compete at a higher level. But thus far, the Brooklyn Nets have not answered the call. It begins and ends with Williams and, unfortunately, I don't expect anything from him anymore.

Justin DeFeo: There are reports coming today that Williams might be a bit banged up, which is something of an explanation for the lackluster and uninspired play we've seen from Deron over the last few games. I sense something deeper, but historically Deron's play falls off a cliff when he's hurt, so there may be some credence to that. Either way, Reggie Jackson attacks, so they'll need Williams to offer up more than he has been..otherwise I'd suspect more of the same and another opposing point guard outplaying him.

Will Rausch: I do think D-Will has a chance on the hardwood against a 67 year old Hall of Fame baseball player. Oh, it's not THAT Reggie Jackson? It's the up and coming backup point guard for the team tied for the best record in the NBA? The one some think will go on to stardom once he gets to start full-time elsewhere a la James Harden? In that case, things get worse for D-Will. The Thunder are coming off a loss and have only lost back-to-back games once this season, so things don't look good for D-Will and co. As for what's wrong with D-Will, it's the injuries, sure, but I'm starting to think it is as much a problem to be addressed by Dr.Freud as it is one for Dr. James Andrews.

2. How many points will Kevin Durant drop tonight and why?

Ben Nadeau: 60. Devin wrote about this season clearly being the Darkest Timeline, so, things can always get worse. With nobody great bodying the man that has destroyed every defensive matchup he's faced, Durant will go off tonight. Is a little bit of history in the making? How many people have goatees on OKC?

Justin DeFeo: This could be a special night for Durant as the Nets are rarely qualified to relenting scoring bunches: a team which appears to be quitting, on the road and with the only person on the roster even close to capable of guarding Durant effectively (Andrei Kirilenko) restricted to just 12 minutes. The only thing threatening to stop Durant from a 40+ point night would be Durant being forced to the bench due to lopsidedness...which is sadly very much in play.

Will Rausch: 40 because YOPN-TAY (You Only Play the Nets Twice A Year). KD has dropped 30+ in the last three games without Westbrook and Durant has averaged more points per game on Thursday (28.80) and January (28.0), than any other day or month, respectively, in his career. Again, things don't look good for the Nets.

3. What do you expect out of Mirza Teletovic tonight with Serge Ibaka on him?

Ben Nadeau: On the perimeter, Mirza *should* have the advantage-- but in this topsy-turvy season, nothing that is supposed to happen happens. So, I'm guess that Mirza will pick up two early fouls trying to guard Ibaka on the other end and we'll see a little flurry of threes in the second half, but that'll be that and Brooklyn will have already lost the game. I'm so happy about things these days.

Justin DeFeo: I expect Mirza to continue staying aggressive with a mix of long range shooting and attacks to the rim. I'm more concerned about how he'll deal with Ibaka's size and athleticism on the other end of the floor..if he has to spend time guarding him.

Will Rausch: It's not so much what I expect out of Mirza tonight as what I expect in to Teletovic; as in, balls blocked in his face by Serge Iblocka. That's not to demean Mirza's turnaround this season from his virtually anonymous rookie season. The Bosnian big already has ten more points in 24 games this season than he did in 53 all of last year, but again, things don't look good for the Nets tonight, and Mirza going up against one of the best defensive bigs in the game is part of that inauspicious outlook.

Final Predictions:

Ben Nadeau: Thunder 120, Nets 80, Kevin Durant 70.

Justin DeFeo: Thunder 115, Nets 95

Will Rausch: Thunder a lot, Nets not a lot



The Nets and Heat will wear jerseys with nicknames on the back for their game on January 10, and today, Slam Magazine has released a few of the images.

A few of the Nets jerseys are as follows:

And for the Heat:

For the Nets, the D-Will and Truth ones were no-brainers. Kirilenko's is so cool with the Russian spelling of his name.

I got really sad in realizing that we'll never see Brook Lopez's "Brooklyn on the front, Brooklyn on the back" jersey.

Stan Van Gundy is not impressed

Posted on: December 31st, 2013 by Chris Hooker Comments


Stan Van Gundy, former coach of the Orlando Magic, had some choice words on the Brooklyn Nets.

Van Gundy said:

“I think with all the injuries it’s been hard to evaluate Jason Kidd. It’s been easy to jump on him not just because of the record, but the things coming out of their locker room, the situation with Lawrence Frank, the incident of spilling the drink on the floor. I mean this has looked like a bush league organization much of the year, they don’t play with much effort at all, a very uninspired team. But at the same time they had so many people hurt you just don’t know. And now they are not they are not going to be healthy all year…

Van Gundy certainly has a point, but let's hope the ship can turn quickly.

Roundtable: Nets-Spurs

Posted on: December 31st, 2013 by Benny Nadeau Comments



Popovich, Parker (AP)

Popovich, Parker (AP)

Ho-hum, another elite team. At least there's really no doubt what will happen anymore. The Nets will lose, but, thankfully, it's because they're supposed to lose to teams like San Antonio, the model NBA Franchise. The Spurs are well-coached, rebuilt through the draft and have kept their core around since they joined the league. Jason Kidd is not Greg Popovich. Tim Duncan has aged far better than Kevin Garnett.

Tonight, just like Indiana, there is very little hope of a Brooklyn win. San Antonio's fluid offense will tear apart the shoddy, duct-tape defense the Nets have been employing as of late. Deron Williams hasn't been playing like a max contract player and, hey, did you hear? Brook Lopez is having season-ending foot surgery on January 4th.

Man, I feel like I'm going through the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Grief-- though it's hard to tell if this is the anger or acceptance stage.

The Brooklyn Nets stink right now.

The BK Game crew breaks it down further in a special New Year's Eve edition of the Roundtable:

1. Who wins the PG matchup between Tony Parker and Deron Williams?

Chris Hooker: You know, I've been sort of negative recently, but I have a feeling that the Nets are going to pick up the pace a little tonight. The Spurs have the respect of everyone and I do think Kidd admires Poppovich. Brooklyn always talks about wanting to be the Spurs and I think they do mean it. I'm picking Deron over Tony tonight. Parker hasn't been great and I just think D-Will is due for... something.

Ben Nadeau: Both point guards have been putting up rather mediocre stats for their usual pedigree, but Parker has a chance to tear this paper mache defense apart. I'll tell you one thing: If the Nets play their half-hearted, jogging, lazy defense tonight, the off-ball movement and fluidity of a Spurs offense that has been running without fail for almost a decade will make your head spin. Parker is quick enough to stick to Williams, but will DWill stick to his promise to be more aggressive? Sadly, the Nets seem to be all talk this year, so who knows what Deron Williams we'll see tonight. The Nets will need a classic performance from Williams in order to have a shot at all. 

2. If he plays, what kind of impact do you see having Andrei Kirilenko having on this team?

Chris Hooker: I think he can mean a lot more than we think he can. He's the Nets' only wildcard. We don't know what they have in him, and he's the only one so far you can really say that about. If he can stay healthy, a Williams/Johnson/Pierce/Kirilenko/Garnett lineup can be very effective.

Ben Nadeau: I'm going to put my rain cloud away for just one second and say this: Andrei Kirilenko can change this team's identity. For his entire career, AK47 has made a living on creating havoc and having his hands everywhere. Kirilenko isn't a player to take entire games off and his hustle and grittiness play-style may just be the jump start the Nets need to save the season. It's easier to play lazy if everyone else is-- but if everyone sees AK47 selling out for every loose ball like Crash did last year, well, things will not be as bad.

3. Should the Nets be looking forward towards 2014? Will it be any better there?

Chris Hooker: It can't get any worse, and really, it can only get better. It all depends in how much faith you have in Kidd getting better, Deron getting stronger, Kirlilenko getting healthier and KG/Pierce getting now older. Time will tell if they do.

Ben Nadeau: Annnnnnnd we're back. Not really-- what would there be?

Really, I'll wait.

I was chatting this weekend with a a few friends and the topic of the the guaranteed fourth seed for winning the Atlantic Division came up. It's true, at this rate, the Brooklyn Nets could go 30-52 and somehow will the division and get the fourth seed.

On one hand, you say: "Great, so we'll just lose to Washington in the first round instead of Indiana."

On the other hand, however, you could say: "If we get healthy and Deron starts playing strong and Kidd somehow gets the brains and Pierce and KG steal the hearts of young, wild animals and Mirza turns into the next Larry Bird and AK47 revolutionizes the team and Alan Anderson turns into the James Posey the Celtics had in 2007 and Brook Lopez comes back from the dead... hey! We might have a shot at this!"

I think I'm back to denial or bargaining on the five stages of grief. I'll see myself out.

Final Predictions:

Chris Hooker: Like I said earlier, I think the Nets really respect the Spurs and will play them tough. Spurs by 5.

Ben Nadeau: Spurs 95, Nets 84