Update: Deron Williams might need offseason surgery

UPDATE: Deron Williams says he “might” need surgery on his inflamed left ankle following the 2012-13 season. Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams will sit at least two practice days after receiving an injection to temper inflammation in his left ankle. From the New York Daily News: The team announced he had been diagnosed with […]

VIDEO: Deron Williams talks Autism Awareness, Tattoos on Jimmy Fallon

Check out cc.com/tattoo to vote on Deron Williams’ opening night tattoo. Or vote for Betty White. Or, as Deron Williams put it, “who doesn’t love Betty White?” D-Will also talked about opening night in anticipatory terms, not something he normally does: It’s a big game. It’s a big game for both teams. Just to kick […]

Nets waive Scott, Mays

The Brooklyn Nets have waived forwards Carleton Scott and James Mays, according to the New York Post. These were both expected; Scott & Mays had little hope of making the team over Josh Childress & Andray Blatche, the other two non-guaranteed contracts on the roster. The Nets now officially have a fifteen-man roster, the one […]

Welcome to The Brooklyn Game

So, some of you may be thinking right now, “Where am I? I just went to NetsAreScorching.com, my favorite Nets site for news, analysis, and Cialis medication, and for some reason I’m at this new website! I fear change!” Some of you may have come here never having heard of Nets are Scorching — and […]

Hardwood Paroxysm’s Brooklyn Nets Preview

From the section named “Jesus Christ Your Team Sucks,” by Jared Dubin: But… you’re still the Nets. You’ll never truly own the city that has had Knickerbocker-blue blood since 1946. Like the Mets, Jets and Islanders, you’ve always come second, and probably always will. Brooklyn’s hip and all, but it ain’t Broadway (to be fair, […]

HoopChalk: Nets have two extra post-up stars

Andrew McNeill, writing at HoopChalk, discusses how the Nets can facilitate their offense in the post — but not through Brook Lopez. Through video and text, McNeill shows off how the Nets utilized starting backcourt Joe Johnson & Deron Williams on the low blocks, and how that setup leads to additional opportunities for the Nets. […]

Brooklyn Nets waive Stephen Dennis

The Brooklyn Nets announced today that they’ve waived Stephen Dennis from the training camp roster. The 6’6″ Dennis played 21 minutes in three preseason games with the Nets, recording two points, one rebound, and one steal. Kutztown University’s leading all-time scorer was not expected to make the team. The Nets roster now stands at 17, […]

Nets scattered throughout annual GM survey

The NBA released the results of its annual NBA GM survey today, in which the league asks its 30 general managers 57 individual questions about the NBA. The Brooklyn Nets came up as answers to those 57 questions twelve times, most notably as the NBA’s most improved team: 18 of 29 GM’s (one didn’t answer) […]

Avery Johnson: “We don’t have a hit-first mentality”

Avery Johnson’s not normally known for criticizing his roster. Even on last year’s 22-44 team, Johnson was mostly positive and forward-looking (and, as anyone who saw a press conference last year would attest to, ensured us all that his guys were “battling”). Today was a bit of a different story, as Johnson admitted that the […]

Net Worth: 76ers 106, Nets 96

Nets fall to 3-2 in the preseason.  Tonight’s contest featured some positives, some negatives and lots of shaky defense.  The game was close back and forth throughout, and would have probably been a lot closer had it actually been a regular season game.  Again, #WeTalkinBoutPreseason.   Your powered-down Net Worth: Deron Williams: Four assists doesn’t do […]

No longer undefeated

The streak has broken! After three consecutive wins in ultimately meaningless preseason fashion, the Brooklyn Nets finally fell apart in ultimately meaningless preseason fashion, losing 115-85 to the Boston Celtics in Brooklyn. The Nets fell behind 9-0 in the first 76 seconds and never recovered, trailing by double digits for the last 32 minutes of […]

Net Worth: Celtics 115, Nets 85 #WeTalkinBoutPreseason

Hard to place the blame on any one player in tonight’s game — the breakdowns were systemic, and frankly the Celtics made a lot of well-contested shots. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Courtney Lee, and Rajon Rondo all feasted on open and contested looks, inside and out. After the Celtics jumped out to a 9-0 lead, […]