Brook Lopez will be a game-time decision Tuesday night against the Manhattan/New York Knicks, the team announced today. After going through non-contact drills, Lopez practiced with the team today and participated in five-on-five drills. Avery Johnson has said that Lopez feels no pain after incurring a mild sprain on the top of his right foot.

Lopez's recovery tomorrow is key to deciding if he'll play. Johnson's general rule with injuries, as shown by how he handled Wallace and now Lopez, is to see how a player works through a full practice and then recovers the day after.

With Lopez out of the lineup for the past four games, the Nets offense has gotten roughly eight points worse per 100 possessions, but weirdly enough, it's their defense that has suffered more.


Brooklyn Nets: Reggie Evans, Marquis Daniels, Brandon Jennings

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Brooklyn Nets power forward Reggie Evans, who'd come off the bench in all 17 of his prior appearances, made his first start as a Nets player last night and 290th start of his career last night, replacing Kris Humphries in the lineup.

Coach Avery Johnson likely made the switch knowing that Evans & Blatche had a better chemistry from their bench mob work together than Humphries & Blatche, and the numbers bore that out: heading into last night, the Evans/Blatche combo outscored opponents by 11.3 points per 100 possessions, while the Humphries/Blatche combo had been outscored by 7.8 points per 100 possessions. True to form, Johnson played Humphries primarily as a backup 5 last night, and only spent three minutes with Blatche on the floor. Evans & Blatche played 18 minutes together, and the team was a -16 when the two shared the floor.

The overall minute spread didn't change too drastically for the two. Humphries played 25 minutes, which is his season average, and Evans played 27 minutes, seven above his season average. Humphries finished with seven rebounds and four points on 2-8 shooting, Evans with nine rebounds and five points on 2-3 shooting. Other than a hot start from Evans -- he picked off two quick steals that led to fast-break buckets, when the Nets took an early 11-2 lead -- neither looked particularly comfortable in their newfound role.

"You gotta be able to adapt to whatever," Evans said after the game. "Is it different? Yeah, it's different, 'cause I'm starting. Instead of feeling out the game... sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches. Whatever coach brings to you, you just gotta adapt. But it's different."

Johnson didn't meet with Evans or Humphries about the decision; according to Evans, Johnson just handed him a white jersey in practice, and he just assumed it put him in a starting role. It's not clear who will start Tuesday, and Humphries said he doesn't need to know yet.

Humphries echoed Evans about the difference. "It's a different mindset. You just have to get in there and find a rhythm, rebound the ball, play defense, and do my thing. So a different rhythm to it. ... It's more in the game. It's different because if you start, you're in warmups to the game right away. When you're off the bench... you just have to stay loose.

"I mean, coaches make decisions, you just go out there and do your job."


The Brooklyn Nets officially announced that power forward Reggie Evans will play tonight against the Golden State Warriors. Evans missed Tuesday night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder with the flu. Avery Johnson said on a conference call Thursday that he was "very hopeful" about Evans' return tonight. Hope rebounds eternal.

Evans is tied with Kris Humphries for the team's lead in rebounds per game, and his total rebound percentage of 25.4% would lead the league if he had enough minutes to qualify.

Evans bolsters a big man rotation that is still without starting center Brook Lopez, out with a mild foot sprain. The Nets will start Andray Blatche in his place, and Evans & Humphries may see spot time at "center" depending on lineups. The switch between power forward and center doesn't change the approach, though; the only thing it may do is keep them closer to the rim defensively.


So hard to predict what Dwight Howard is going to do. He seemingly changed his mind every week last season. LA is just a great market for him. He's going to get healthier. The keys to this team will be his soon. He still would prefer Brooklyn. He's made that clear. But right now there is now(sic) clear path for him to get there. Dallas and Atlanta are both options, but not sure either team can offer him all of the non salary benefits the Lakers can.

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Brooklyn Nets Reggie Evans, Brook Lopez,  Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan

No fist-pumps tonight. (AP)

The Brooklyn Nets announced today that Brook Lopez and Reggie Evans will miss tonight's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Lopez was expected to miss tonight's game, as he has not practiced since incurring a mild right foot strain against the Boston Celtics last week. Andray Blatche will start in his place for the third consecutive game. Reggie Evans is battling the flu.

This is a rough game for both players to miss -- the Thunder are 14-4 and arguably the best team in the Western Conference. Evans has been a huge component of the Nets' bench mob -- as has Blatche -- and now there will be added pressure on the rest of the Nets bigs to trap Russell Westbrook and contend with Serge Ibaka & Kendrick Perkins inside on both ends. The Nets play Gerald Wallace as a "small four" often, but may have to limit that tonight, as Wallace will have his hands full with the 6-foot-17 Kevin Durant. Mirza Teletovic will likely see some action tonight as well.

The Nets play the Thunder at Barclays Center tonight at 7:30 P.M.


Brook Lopez's right foot injury has no connection to his right foot injury of last year and shouldn't cause long-term problems, according to a statement from team orthopedic surgeon Riley Williams III.

Lopez's injury, described as a ligament sprain of the mid-foot, occurred after twisting it during the Boston Celtics game. "The area of Brook's previous fracture at the 5th metatarsal bone was unremarkable, and unchanged compared to prior films," according to a statement from Riley Williams III.

"He reports tenderness over the top of foot. This area corresponds to ligaments that connect the tarsal or midfoot bones."

Lopez will miss the next two games to rest the foot and will be re-evaluated after the Florida trip. The next game he would potentially be available for is Tuesday, December 4th against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It's certainly a good thing that Lopez's injury had no effect on his previous injury to that right foot, the fracture of his fifth metatarsal -- if it was a recurring issue with that part of his foot, that could prove damaging long-term. But it also causes concern that Lopez has a second injury to worry about on his right foot. It does seem mild, though, and Lopez walked off the court comfortably after Wednesday night's game. We'll know more after the re-evaluation.



Brooklyn Nets small forward Gerald Wallace has received a warning from the NBA for flopping in Monday night's game against the Manhattan/New York Knicks. Wallace is now the second Nets player to receive a flopping warning: Reggie Evans has already received two this year.

Funnily enough, Wallace won ESPN's much-heralded Flop of the Night award for his acting that night -- on a different flop.

Here's the video of the Flop of the Night winner, which came in the third quarter:

Click here to see the official video from the NBA on the Wallace flop that got him a warning, with under 20 seconds remaining in overtime.


Brooklyn Nets starting center Brook Lopez will miss the next two games with a mild right foot sprain, the team announced today. That means Lopez will miss the Florida trip, marked by two away games against the Orlando Magic & Miami Heat.

Lopez injured the foot during last night's game against the Boston Celtics. He played just 17 minutes due to foul trouble and did not show any immediate signs of injury, though Rod Boone reported that the Nets requested a walking boot last night.

Andray Blatche will presumably start in his place.


As you may have heard, the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets got in a bit of a tiff today, after a foul by Kris Humphries led to a multi-player scuffle that ended in the second row with Kris Humphries on his back, Rondo's jersey off his back, and three ejections (those two and Gerald Wallace, who was already one technical deep.)

After the game, players, coaches, and referees alike reacted to the Nets-Celtics fight... MORE →


Also, I'll have to check a translator on this, but I'm fairly certain Shaquille O'Neal's Russian name is not "Vladimir Mandingo."


The New York Knicks announced that starting guard and ex-Nets point guard Jason Kidd, fighting back spasms, will not play in tonight's game. Kidd did not "make the trip," according to the team. The Knicks played the Pistons at home in Manhattan last night. The Knicks will start Kurt Thomas in his place, moving Carmelo Anthony to a more traditional small forward spot in the starting lineup.

The Nets are healthy and will start their usual five.


Joe Johnson Brooklyn NetsTomorrow night is the big night. Other than D.J. Khaled's 37th birthday (true!), November 26th marks the first matchup between the New York/Manhattan Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. Despite how often the two teams like to pretend there's no rivalry, and despite how often some fans like to pretend that there's no "true" rivalry between these two, they're still compared, dissected, and contrasted constantly. Just track #Nets or #Knicks on Twitter and you'll see what I mean.

Joe Johnson also sees what I mean, via ESPN NY:

Johnson remains steadfast in his belief that his Brooklyn Nets are better than the New York Knicks.

"Yeah. It's just what I feel," Johnson told ESPN after scoring a team-high 21 points in his team's 98-85 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday afternoon. "I'm not gonna expand on it, but that's just the way I feel."

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Some more Nets reactions:

  • Deron Williams lauded the excitement for the night, saying after the game he expects a lot more Nets fans in there than in previous years.

  • Brook Lopez, when asked about his view on this Knicks team: "I'm probably the wrong guy to ask about watching basketball, but I definitely have heard they've been playing great basketball."

  • As for Reggie Evans? "I couldn't care less... This is my 11th year in the league. I've played the Knicks about 100 times. It's just another game. ... If we win, we're not going to be all in the middle of the court celebrating, like "woah oh!" we're not going to poppin' no champagne or nothing like that. Just another game."