According to Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge speaking to ESPN Boston, Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo has been levied a two-game suspension by the NBA for his *ahem* closing statement to Kris Humphries near the end of the first half of Wednesday night's Brooklyn Nets-Boston Celtics game, that ended with Humphries on his back in the second row and Rondo's jersey off his back.

According to Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King, no Nets players were suspended, though Gerald Wallace was mandated a $35,000 fine. Celtics power forward/center/mandated barker Kevin Garnett was fined $25,000.

Humphries received no discipline from the NBA.

The scuffle (video here) resulted in immediate ejections for both Humphries, Rondo, and Wallace.

The Nets won last night's game after the ejections, 95-83.


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As you may have heard, the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets got in a bit of a tiff today, after a foul by Kris Humphries led to a multi-player scuffle that ended in the second row with Kris Humphries on his back, Rondo's jersey off his back, and three ejections (those two and Gerald Wallace, who was already one technical deep.)

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