MarShon, Crash, Dray Lead The Way:
Nets 93, Bulls 89 (Game Grades)

Note: having some technical difficulties with our regular Game Grades. Here’s a powered-down version. DERON WILLIAMS: B. Played well in the first half (outside of one just bad pass to Brook Lopez that he threw out of bounds) before a nasty ankle turn near the end. Returned in the second and didn’t appear to have […]

Bucks 108, Nets 93, and I’m sick of grading losses

How would you grade the players? Joe Johnson SHOOTING GUARD Scarily Mo Johnson-esque. Had a couple of tough looks rim out, but the problem is that he’s taking tough looks — and lots of them — in the first place. Offense should not be this hard for a team this good. Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD […]

Net Worth: 76ers 106, Nets 96

Nets fall to 3-2 in the preseason.  Tonight’s contest featured some positives, some negatives and lots of shaky defense.  The game was close back and forth throughout, and would have probably been a lot closer had it actually been a regular season game.  Again, #WeTalkinBoutPreseason.   Your powered-down Net Worth: Deron Williams: Four assists doesn’t do […]

Net Worth: Celtics 115, Nets 85 #WeTalkinBoutPreseason

Hard to place the blame on any one player in tonight’s game — the breakdowns were systemic, and frankly the Celtics made a lot of well-contested shots. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Courtney Lee, and Rajon Rondo all feasted on open and contested looks, inside and out. After the Celtics jumped out to a 9-0 lead, […]