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DERON WILLIAMS: B. Played well in the first half (outside of one just bad pass to Brook Lopez that he threw out of bounds) before a nasty ankle turn near the end. Returned in the second and didn't appear to have any ill effects, but also didn't leave a significant impact on the game.

JOE JOHNSON: B. Had some nice looking buckets going towards the basket and one huge late three-pointer that he hit from roughly 11 billion feet out, but you could tell he was under the weather.

GERALD WALLACE: A. Played the entire second half, almost exclusively at the power forward position, even after getting a technical early in the third quarter. And it worked. Great defensive game, smart offensive game, and grabbed the game-clinching rebound.

The matchup certainly worked, as the Bulls were down PF Boozer and C Noah, and didn't play Mohammad in the second half, but it's absolutely a lineup worth seeing against bigger matchups as well.

BROOK LOPEZ: A-. Ran the floor (and yes, occasionally did some cherry-picking) with aplomb in the first half, and kept getting dunks and close shots throughout the third quarter. Didn't play in the fourth, but with the way Blatche was scoring, it wasn't an oversight -- just a game flow decision.

ANDRAY BLATCHE: A. Earned every fourth-quarter minute by going towards the basket instead of away from it wth some smart positioning and quick post moves, including: a nice shoulder dip as he snuck past Taj Gibson, a Dream-esque shake under the basket that faked two defenders into jumping -- twice, and a key and-one basket near the rim through Gibson. Enormous man with an enormous effort.

KEITH BOGANS: B-. Played awful with the reserves and well with the starters. Would'ya look at that!?

MARSHON BROOKS: A. Hit a pretty floater after faking Taj Gibson out of his shoes. Followed it up by taking the Bulls off the dribble and hitting Lopez with a pass after a mid-air shot fake for an easy slam. Later, entered the game in the fourth and scored or assisted on the first 11 points of the quarter. Brooks hit an absurd layup with some fancy spin, a three with a hand in his face, and a pull-up jumper in transition that was, frankly, a bad shot. Blocked a Jimmy Butler dunk at the rim.

After P.J. Carlesimo essentially said that he wouldn't have a role in this game, Brooks entered the game after nine minutes of play, and was the best Nets player off the bench tonight. Encouraging game.

C.J. WATSON: B+. Hit two of the game's biggest free throws to put the Nets up 93-89 with 11 seconds left and didn't actively ruin the game flow when playing with or without Deron on the floor.



Scarily Mo Johnson-esque. Had a couple of tough looks rim out, but the problem is that he's taking tough looks -- and lots of them -- in the first place. Offense should not be this hard for a team this good.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Flirted with a triple-double; an A+ for his non-shooting impact and an D- for his shooting impact, so let's split the difference. Really felt his impact in the second half. as he drew two offensive fouls, blocked two shots at the rim, and hit a nice tip-in. But he can't be your most effective starter.

Brook Lopez CENTER

He's not pre-injury levels yet, but he's slowly but surely scraping there. Still not quick enough to defend the pick-and-roll effectively -- if he ever was -- and he's shooting too much, but they're shots that will go down in time.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

At one moment in the first half, Andray Blatche went into full point-center mode, found Joe Johnson open for a three, Johnson missed, he dove for the rebound, was called for a foul, flung his headband to the bench, and was called for a technical foul. It was the most Andray Blatche moment in Andray Blatche history.

Other than that, some good moments for Blatche tonight, including some behind-the-back goodness, steals, and blocked shots. But there are so many plays when the lane is an ocean with him on the floor.


We haven't talked much about Bogans in the grades lately, mostly because there's not much to say: he shoots corner 3's, plays decent defense on whichever wing player he's switched on, and that's pretty much it. But in the spirit of giving him credit, he was the only Nets player hitting from beyond the arc tonight (despite a sad, late airball) and got involved in enough possessions to say he didn't have a terrible game. If only role players playing their roles was enough in the NBA.


Got a lot of minutes, but they weren't terribly loud. Did have one block on Ekpe Udoh at the rim that was all kinds of awesome, so that salvages him slightly.

Tyshawn Taylor POINT GUARD

Taylor's first game as the second-string point guard went surprisingly well: the rookie played a little out of control, but splashed shots from varying areas on the floor, including a nice three-pointer that cut the Bucks lead to 4 in the fourth quarter. Attacked the basket and showed off some nice hops. You hope not to see too many minutes for him long-term, but if tonight was an encouraging performance.


Missed a lot of shots, had some issues distributing the ball, and didn't look like a starting-quality point guard. So he filled in for Deron Williams quite well.


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YOU Grade the Game

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Fan grades images The Brooklyn Game

The Brooklyn Game and its predecessor (NetsAreScorching) have long offered grades of the players after each game. No doubt you've agreed with some and violently, angrily, psychotically disagreed with others.

Now you can take over. We're proud to introduce a new gizmo enabling the fans to grade each player, each game. In fact, you can grade them multiple times during the game, to reflect how they're playing at any given moment.

Go here to submit your grades.

The results page will display a running average of all the fans' grades of each player.

After you've voted, you can go the Forums and explain how you came up with your grades, and why the other folks on the message boards are horribly, horribly wrong.

Net Worth: 76ers 106, Nets 96

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Nets fall to 3-2 in the preseason.  Tonight's contest featured some positives, some negatives and lots of shaky defense.  The game was close back and forth throughout, and would have probably been a lot closer had it actually been a regular season game.  Again, #WeTalkinBoutPreseason.  

Your powered-down Net Worth:

Deron Williams: Four assists doesn't do his distributing tonight justice.  Was passing the ball first all night and was able to knock down some big shots.  Found a lot of open looking from setting picks and posting up down low.  He was great off the ball.  Didn't shoot very well from behind the arc, and seemed a pretty sloppy on fast breaks.  Grade: B+

Joe Johnson: Started off slow, but got hot in the 4th quarter.  Saw some of the good parts of Iso-Joe, and has seemed to develop some good chemistry from D-Will.  Grade: B+

Gerald Wallace: Not the insane Crash we've seen all preseason, but a solid offensive performance nonetheless.  Dorrell Wright got the better of his match-up, however, and didn't win the rebound battle.  Grade: C

Kris Humphries: Poor shooting.  Very poor shooting.  Rimmed out a lot of jumpers, but didn't get a lot of minutes.  Victim of preseason rotation. Grade: D

Brook Lopez: Love what I've seen out of Lopez this preseason.  Scoring all over the court, nailed some nice hook shots and backdown jumpers.  Defensively, he still isn't where we'd like him to be, but it's going to be a work in progress.  Rebounding numbers were just fine, and it's great to see him actually go after those balls.  What he brings to the Nets offense, especially after a season with Shelden Williams, is just staggering.  Grade: B+

Andray Blatche: Really impressing me so far.  Tonight, he wasn't as on point as in previous games, but still is a great presence down low and has the ability to score anywhere in and around the paint.  He missed some shots he should have made.  Grade: C+

C.J. Watson: Played a lot off-the-ball tonight.  At point, he was pretty frustrating.  Too slow in transition, and didn't take open shots.  Missed a lot of opportunities on the weak side.  I want to see him shoot more, especially when he is open around the arc. Grade: C-

MarShon Brooks: Not sure what took him so long to come off the bench.  He could be hurt, he could not know the rotations, he could just be a victim of an Avery experiment.  However, when he was on the court, he was vintage MarShon, making some nice jumpers and taking good shots. Grade: B+


Hard to place the blame on any one player in tonight's game -- the breakdowns were systemic, and frankly the Celtics made a lot of well-contested shots. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Courtney Lee, and Rajon Rondo all feasted on open and contested looks, inside and out. After the Celtics jumped out to a 9-0 lead, the Nets never really had a shot. Thank goodness it's just preseason.

Your powered-down Net Worth:

Deron Williams: Williams drove the lane, pulled out his fair share of crossovers and spin moves, and got to the line on solid takes to the rim. The defense easily collapsed on him, though, and he struggled keeping Rajon Rondo in front of him. Threw the ball into defensive coverage often. Grade: C

Joe Johnson: He got open a lot on the weak side. Didn't shoot very well, but got good shots. Grade: B-

Gerald Wallace: No pass is safe when Crash is near the lane. Climbed up on the scorer's table in the first quarter chasing after a loose ball. Later had a nice chasedown block on a dribble-drive. Barring injury, it's hard to imagine him having a "bad" game; he'll miss shots on some nights but the effort is always there. Grade: B

Kris Humphries: *silence* Grade: D

Brook Lopez: Lopez's "rebound attempt percentage" or whatever metric Coach Johnson has him paying attention too was probably better than expected yet again. Lopez scored in the post and got to the line, going back-and-forth with Garnett and Jared Sullinger on multiple occasions. The Celtics played Lopez well in the post on a couple of occasions, doubling him from up-top (his blind side when posting on the right) and freezing him when he started a spin. Did get eaten up by Garnett in one-on-one situations, but that was more a product of Garnett hitting tough shots. Could stand to improve his help defense, though. Grade: B-

Andray Blatche: Yeah, he's cemented his backup 5 role. Grade: C+

MarShon Brooks: Had a couple of nice moves in his first game back -- Shammgod! -- but didn't do much in his time on the floor. Grade: C-

Tyshawn Taylor: Had another decent outing, but he's exhibited a tendency to keep his head down barreling to the basket. Had Joe Johnson open on a defensive rotation at least twice and didn't kick him the ball. Grade: B

Defense: The Celtics did hit a lot of contested shots, but they let Boston get to the rim way too easily and gave up far too many open threes. A discouraging outing, if you believe preseason matters. I withheld giving the Nets an F, but it was close. Grade: D-