Lionel Hollins: “I don’t try to analyze everything… we are who we are”

Lionel Hollins: “I don’t try to analyze everything… we are who we are”

The Brooklyn Nets are in a state of stasis. The team does not control the rights to a first- or second-round draft pick until 2019, and the team’s front office has said the primary goal is to keep things in place to make a splash during next season’s free agency. But the season itself is […]

2 Weeks In: It’s That Bad Here — 10 Things Worth Noting


Periodically, we’ll check in on the status of how bad things are here, in honor of Joe Johnson’s priceless preseason quote. Statistical support throughout provided by This has been ugly. You won’t hear anything else, anywhere. The Nets haven’t won a game since April, they’ve collapsed down the stretch in their few winnable moments, […]

Could Stephen Curry Outshoot The Entire Brooklyn Nets Roster?


The three-point shot has become basketball’s secret weapon. NBA teams last season shot an even 35 percent on three-pointers, averaging 1.05 points per shot; conversely, they only shot 48.5 percent (0.97 points per shot) on two-pointers. That gap has widened in recent years, and it’s partially thanks to Warriors guard and reigning MVP Stephen Curry, […]

Nets sign Wayne Ellington

Wayne Ellington (AP)

At the stroke of midnight, free agent forward DeAndre Jordan had a sudden change of heart, signing a five-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets. Nah, just kidding. But they did get Wayne Ellington! The Nets officially announced their 17th player under contract Thursday morning, agreeing in principle to terms with free agent guard Wayne Ellington. […]

Brooklyn Nets Offseason Trade Ideas

Jarrett Jack and Mason Plumlee to the Charlotte Hornets for Lance Stephenson

Why the Hornets do it: To trade Lance Stephenson.

Why the Nets do it: Because gambling is a serious addiction.

9 Brooklyn Nets Offseason Trade Ideas, from the reasonable to reasonably insane.

Paul Pierce rips Nets: situation in Brooklyn was “horrible,” calls team “vets who didn’t want to play and didn’t want to practice”

Two offseasons ago, the Nets acquired Paul Pierce with championship aspirations. But after an ugly split, Pierce hasn’t shied from expressing his distaste in how things turned out. Pierce hasn’t ever been known for holding things back. That’s why they call him “The Truth,” after all: he’s willing to speak his mind on any situation. […]

Nets go for sixth straight against rival Raptors

The Brooklyn Nets’ (34-40) stellar play of late has put them in prime playoff position with just eight games remaining in the regular season. Thanks to Brook Lopez’s put-back with two seconds remaining, the Nets escaped Madison Square Garden on Wednesday with their season-high fifth straight win: a 100-98 victory over the New York Knicks. […]

ESPN: Nets GM, chairman the worst in the business

In their first three years in Brooklyn, the Nets famously mortgaged their future for hope in the present. Now, the future is here, and it is angry. Tuesday, ESPN’s Forecast panel listed the Nets front office — which includes the coach, front office executives, and ownership — as the second-worst in the NBA, ahead of […]

Kevin Garnett Is A Danger To Sportscasters Worldwide

The Brooklyn Nets traveled to Minnesota for their lone road game against the Minnesota Timberwolves Monday night, and outside of a blowout 122-106 win over the heavily depleted lottery-bound team, it was a chance to see Kevin Garnett once more. YES Network remembered Garnett for his production in Brooklyn, as well as his off-court influence, […]

Thaddeus Young: “We Don’t Have Any Time To Waste”


Two teams and 2.5 games separate the Nets from their last gasp of hope: the right to extend their season by at least four games against the Eastern Conference’s best team. Okay, so that’s maybe not the best NBA storyline. But it’s what the Nets have to hang their hats on right now, and after […]

Run-and-gun Nets cruise past Timberwolves

What happened: The Nets won their second straight game, a convincing 122-106 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on the road. Where they stand: Brooklyn is 27-38, good for 11th in the East and 2.5 back from the eighth seed. They’ve got to pass Charlotte and Boston. I don’t know guys. It’s not looking great. That […]