Will the Nets be caught in the crossfire of a Russia-U.S. Cold-ish War?


UPDATE: U.S. ONEXIM Sports and Entertainment, the company that owns the Brooklyn Nets, released this statement this morning: ‚ÄúPreliminary discussions with the NBA were held in spring, 2013 and, at that time, the League indicated its willingness to work with us in the event we needed to reregister the ownership vehicle of the Nets as […]

WATCH: Mikhail Prokhorov backs Kidd, roster in first presser of 2014

WATCH: Mikhail Prokhorov backs Kidd, roster in first presser of 2014

In one sentence, Mikhail Prokhorov threw his full support behind his current coach, while hinting at the issues that befell his last one. “What is important (is) that (coach) Jason Kidd, he is becoming more and more comfortable, and what is important is that he has the support of the players,” the Brooklyn Nets owner […]

Knicks owner talks, disses Nets’ Mikhail Prokhorov

Knicks owner talks, disses Nets’ Mikhail Prokhorov

from The Basketball Jones It took New York Knicks owner James Dolan about seven years to answer a question from a basketball reporter since shutting the beats out in 2007, but now it seems like he’s gotten the hang of it. Dolan sat down with Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post to talk about […]

Hello Potash: Prokhorov procure world’s biggest potash miner

Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has his hands in just about every jar, and now he’s got control of the world’s biggest potash stash. Prokhorov, in conjunction with Russian fertilizer tycoon Dmitry Mazepin, is picking up nearly 22 percent of the potash fertilizer company Uralkali from Suleyman Kerimov. The deal comes shortly after Uralkali’s chief […]

Mikhail Prokhorov backs off his five-year marriage promise… kind of

Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov sits down with Charlie Rose of 60 Minutes, both at CBS Studios and in Prokhorov’s box at Barclays Center, to talk Nets, head coach Jason Kidd, and the future of Russian politics, noting that political operations are his primary day-to-day work. He also shares his thoughts on Edward Snowden, and […]

The YES Prokhorov Interview: What Vladimir Lenin Gave the Brooklyn Nets

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 10.25.05 PM

The YES Network’s Sarah Kustok’s fascinating interview with Michael Prokhorov had interesting bits: The idea for a five year plan for the Nets was inspired by Vladimir Lenin’s Five Year Plans in the early days of the Soviet Union. He then noted, wryly, that he hoped and expected that the Brooklyn version would be more […]

NBA investigated Andrei Kirilenko signing, found nothing

Andrei Kirilenko

Xenophobia rears its ugly head, but comes up empty. Under pressure from at least one rival owner, the NBA launched an investigation into the contract between free agent forward Andrei Kirilenko and the Brooklyn Nets, finding no evidence of rule-breaking, according to Fred Kerber of the New York Post. Kirilenko opted out of the final […]

NBA school principal David Stern tells annoying Nets-Knicks owners to cut the pranks

NBA school principal David Stern tells annoying Nets-Knicks owners to cut the pranks

If you are a fan of either the New York Knicks or the Brooklyn Nets, you should know one thing: the two teams don’t like each other. As has been the case ever since Mikhail Prokhorov purchased the New Jersey Nets back in 2010, the hatred between the crosstown rivals extends right up to the […]

Nets preseason, New York’s Marquee team, Robert Parish’s advice to Paul Pierce, and more: Morning Shootaround

Joe Johnson, J.R. Smith

Looking at Brooklyn Nets news and notes from around the web: The Nets officially released their preseason schedule a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn’t seen it until this morning. One team they’ll play twice is none other than the Boston Celtics: once home, once away. My guess? Don’t expect Pierce or Kevin Garnett […]