As the Brooklyn Nets opened up their season last night vs. the Toronto Raptors, many continue to speculate how the on-court product will grow & evolve over the course of 82 games and beyond.

One such opportunity that I see is a spread pick-and-roll, a play made popular by Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns and an offense that is gaining popularity across the NBA league wide.

Mike D'Antoni, the coach who lead those famous Suns teams, could be considered an offensive genius, but even a high school JV coach would take one look at the Nets roster and decide that his best offensive strategy would be to flip Deron Williams the ball and more or less “get out of the way.”

Nothing I’m going to write should be considered offensive innovation from a mastermind, but this offensive concept is being utilized more and more and it suits particular lineups of the Nets roster well.

As such, with almost any action that the Brooklyn Nets use this season, their best offense will probably come with the ball in Williams' hands creating for others or himself. Why not put him in as many of these situations as possible, surrounded by teammates that will maximize his abilities?

This is where I believe a spread pick-and-roll could be an oft-used tool that pays huge dividends for the Brooklyn Nets this season. Here’s how it works. ... MORE →