Better Know: Dallas Mavericks

Posted on: September 3rd, 2013 by Devin Kharpertian Comments


Today's installment of Better Know An Opponent focuses on the Dallas Mavericks. Let's take a look.... MORE →


Deron Williams, making Jose Calderon look silly with the crossover and the jumper. Watch:


Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson hit the first buzzer-beater in Brooklyn Nets history against tonight's opponent. (AP)

The Brooklyn Nets embark on an eight-game, 17-day road trip that's bound to either catapult them into the lead in the Atlantic Division or help them crash and burn on their way to a disappointing playoff seed and a terrifying first-round exit. Luckily for them, it couldn't start against a much better opponent, in that they're playing a terrible opponent: the 23-45 Detroit Pistons in Detroit. The Pistons, playing without Andre Drummond and possibly without Brandon Knight, are well out of the playoff hunt and look primed to make a race towards the bottom for a potential top-5 pick.

Joining me to answer three questions about tonight's game and matchup is the incomparable Dan Feldman, showrunner over at expert Detroit Pistons blog PistonPowered. There's nowhere better to get expertise on the Pistons, so anything you're curious about that you don't read here, go there and I'm sure Dan's got 15 posts on it.

And, as always: The BK Game Streak is up. Good luck, you cranks.


Devin: The Pistons have lost eight in a row and they seem like they're cruising into "tank for a high draft pick" territory. Do you think that's the case? Do you expect them to be competitive tonight?

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Deron Williams Kyle Lowry - Jazz-Rockets, Brooklyn Nets-Toronto Raptors

These two will face off with new teams tonight.

The Brooklyn Nets play basketball... today. The beast is alive! Not preseason basketball, not intra-squad scrimmages, the game's not getting cancelled. It's happening. It's here. Tonight, they'll play the Toronto Raptors, the matchup we've all been waiting for!

In all seriousness: not many folks know much about the Raptors on this side of the border. To help us learn a bit more about the team, I've asked James Herbert to go one-on-one with me to preview tonight's game. James is a Raptorologist, writer for ESPN TrueHoop Blog Hardwood Paroxysm, and producer for HoopSpeak Live, a weekly web show on all things NBA. Also, you should go follow him on Twitter @outsidethenba immediately. Not only is he a great follow, people who don't follow him have a 250% higher chance of contracting rabies. True story.

Here's how it works: I ask James three questions about the Toronto Raptors, in preparation of tonight's game, and in turn, James asks me three questions about the Brooklyn Nets.

On the Toronto Raptors

Devin: People were oozing over Jonas Valanciunas through preseason and in his debut. Why?... MORE →