Jared Dubin, founder of HoopChalk, co-Editor of Hardwood Paroxysm, and Knicks fan, joins us on The Brooklyn Game to give us the Knicks' perspective on tonight's matchup.

I’ll be honest. In the lead up to the season, I was dreading the first Knicks-Nets match-up on opening night. It wasn’t because I’m in any way afraid for the Knicks to play the Nets, but because of the apocalyptic nature of the media coverage that was sure to envelop the game. I was sure that, no matter what, the New York media would declare the winner of the game a serious challenger to the Heat’s throne (which would be slightly south of ridiculous) and the loser dead in the water and screwed for eternity (just as ridiculous).

Now that game one of the new Knicks-Nets rivalry is happening a little less than a month into the season, I feel much better about it, and not just because the Knicks have mostly played very good basketball so far. Because it’s not the opener, it can be treated as “just another game,” which is really how it always should have been treated anyway. Sure, there will probably still be hyperbole, but it won’t be nearly as extreme.

It helps that both the Knicks and Nets are coming into the game playing well, so neither team can credibly be declared dead in the water if they lose.
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Player Capsule: Brook Lopez

Posted on: November 20th, 2012 by Guest Post Comments


Brook Lopez Brooklyn NetsAs part of a 370-part series, Gothic Ginobili writer Aaron McGuire discusses almost every notable player getting minutes in the NBA. Today, one of McGuire's capsules was on Brooklyn Nets Center Brook Lopez. I am re-posting it here on The Brooklyn Game with his permission. You can check out the original, along with capsules of Eric Gordon and Steve Novak, and the entirety of the worthwhile Gothic Ginobili universe, here. ... MORE →