In our collection of highlight mixes and reels this season, it looks like the one we made of Gerald Wallace -- not his crashes! -- got lost in the mix. Enjoy 2 1/2 minutes of reckless Crashbandon.



Brooklyn Nets forward Gerald Wallace, he of the 1.8 points per game average in April, threw down dunks on back-to-back plays in the first quarter of the team's final regular season game against the Detroit Pistons: the first an alley-oop off a Deron Williams lob, and the second he created himself.


Oh, hi, Gerald Wallace. Why yes, this is your old team. Why yes, you guys are running through their interior defense with reckless abandon. What's that? Oh, go ahead, have some fun.

(Side note: nice dish from Brook Lopez.)


This hasn't happened much for Brooklyn this season. Which part? Oh, pick one: Deron Williams beating an opposing guard up the floor in transition, Gerald Wallace making a shot at the rim, or the Nets completing an alley-oop.

Nice to see Wallace's athleticism still exists and is getting put to good use. Watch:


Brooklyn Nets forward Gerald Wallace gets the steal, drives for the dunk, and puts it down even as he gets fouled by Anthony Davis. Wallace hit the free throw to complete the and-one. Watch:


Brooklyn Nets starting forward and swiss army knife Gerald Wallace has had an enigmatic season; his numbers are down across the board, yet the team plays well with him in the game thanks to his willingness to guard the opponent's best scorer and lack of regard for his own safety. Wallace will twist, contort, and throw his body in any direction to make the play and embraces contact more than any player on the Nets.

In honor of Wallace's season thus far, as well as his hard-nosed, reckless style, we've got two highlight videos for Crash: the first honoring his biggest highlights of the season, and the second in recognition of his non-stop, frantic "crashes" that seem to happen at least once a game. Check them out after the jump... MORE →