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Paul Pierce was charged with a flagrant foul for collaring LeBron James on a shot attempt. James made the shot for 2 of his game-high 28 points. (AP)

Empty stands

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A lot of empty seats at 7 p.m, game time.

empty stands

At 7:30:

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The unusual sight of the official Nets Twitter feed criticizing Nets fans for not cheering loudly enough – followed by another tweet saying "disregard previous tweet" – has set off some interesting debate about whether Nets fans are, to use the technical term, lame.

This idea certainly jibes with a fan we quoted a few days earlier who said of the last home game, “Terrible barely engaged crowd. Never had any intensity.” Most commenters seem to agree.

Seeing thousands of Raptors fans gathered outside their arena cheering gave extra weight to the accusation. Fan Chris Fattorusso writes of the last home game, “3/4 the fans were late they weren't loud during team introductions and have to be told when to chant. Basically it will be years if ever Brooklyn ever has a rabid Fan base for this team.”

A few theories that have occurred to us or were suggested by fans about why Nets fans may lack sufficient intensity:


The Nets beat reporter Lenn Robbins tweeted from the Nets official account:

UPDATE: The Nets put out this tweet this morning:

More on this topic: Are the Nets fans sluggish?

Some responses to the Nets tweet:

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Are Nets fans sluggish?

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UPDATE: Brooklyn Nets beat reporter Lenn Robbins tweeted this during Game 5 in the Air Canada Centre in Toronto:

Discussion below.

Excited fans 

A friend who attended last night's game wrote:

"Terrible barely engaged crowd. Never had any intensity.  Seats were empty in significant number well into the 1st and 3rd quarters.   Turn on just for a few minutes games in any of the markets that are involved now with the possible exceptions of DC and Charlotte and you'll immediately sense college level fierce intensity.  I was flabbergasted.   The PA guy had to plead with the crowd."

Do you agree?

Some responses:

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Rep Your Nets 3.17.13

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Our friends at Brooklyn Based (a great source for stuff to do and things to eat in Brooklyn) interviewed Toko Shenegalia, who, as they note, is the closest thing the Brooklyn Nets have to someone actual living in Brooklyn. His cousins live in Bensonhurst.

When Steven Weinberg asked Toko where in Brooklyn he would take his girlfriend for dinner he says Nobu -- which, yes, is in Manhattan. He describes the spectacularly good and expensive and acclaimed restaurant as "a pretty good place."

If the Brooklyn Nets are going to insist on not living in Brooklyn, could they at least eat here?

Other interesting bit in the brief interview:

How are home games in Brooklyn different from games you’ve played in other places?
In Europe it’s big difference I would say. For instance some of the team fans just stand the whole game and sing and dance, and it doesn’t stop. They would be throwing coins and everything on the court. So, pretty much crazy, crazier fans than we have here.

Brooklyn fans are less crazy than Europeans? Are we going to take that?

Rep Your Nets 3.11.13

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Here are your grades for Friday's game against the Bobcats. Dont forget to vote for tonight's game here.

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Intense Coaching

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Head Coach Avery Johnson talks to Joe Johnson (AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)