ESPN: Hollins “is almost certainly out” as Nets coach this summer

The Brooklyn Nets now have the third-worst record (10-25) and third-worst net points per 100 possessions (-6.7) in the NBA. It’s safe to say that at this point, they’re the third-worst team in the NBA, ahead of the 76ers, who are pushing the once-finite limits of tankitude, and Lakers, who are torpedoing their way into […]

5 Things We Saw In Nets-Bulls: Andrea Bargnani, Brook Lopez, & More

Here’s five things we saw during the Nets’ 115-100 loss to the Chicago Bulls: Brook Lopez, making decent passes (early). One thing we’ve mentioned often is Brook Lopez’s need to make smart passes out of the post if he wants to become a more complete post player. That means reading double-teams quickly and finding the […]

Nets-Knicks, a rivalry no one cares about

Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce

Tonight, in their last home game before the All-Star break, the Nets (20-28) welcome in their crosstown rivals, the New York Knicks (10-39), winners of five of their last eight. The Nets begin the day a half-game behind the Miami Heat (21-28), participants in the second game of tonight’s nationally televised doubleheader, for the all-important […]

Derek Fisher Calls For Timeout, Referee Doesn’t Grant It (VIDEO)

With 19 seconds left and the Knicks trailing 96-93, Carmelo Anthony grabbed a rebound off a missed layup and sauntered upcourt, nearly parallel to coach Derek Fisher and referee Mark Lindsay. Fisher, perhaps seeing Anthony take too much time off the clock, gestured towards his sides with his hands, a symbol for calling a timeout. But Lindsay, despite clearly seeing Fisher’s gesture…

Brooklyn Nets-New York Knicks Power Rankings: The Kings And Sewer Dwellers Of New York Basketball

The Nets-Knicks Power Rankings are back! Devin Kharpertian & Daniel Savitzky rank players, coaches, personnel, and TV crews to answer the crucial question: who’s the King of New York, and who’s in the sewer?

Jason Kidd says Nets were catalyst to his departure

Former Brooklyn Nets coach coach Jason Kidd, now with the Milwaukee Bucks, talks about his departure from Brooklyn with Bill Reiter of Fox Sports, denying reports that he sought a power play in Brooklyn and denying that the big contracts of Derek Fisher and Steve Kerr played a factor in the decision. “The biggest thing […]

The NBA Offseason, Recapped

This past offseason in the NBA was one not to be missed. Just in case you may have, here is a brief recap of some the biggest offseason moves and news:

If Kidd’s out, who’s in? Nets Coaching Candidates

It was around this time last year that Jason Kidd set the NBA ablaze, by accepting a head-coaching job with the Nets just a few days after retiring. Not to be outdone by himself, Jason Kidd upped the ante by demanding to be the presidential of basketball operations and now, having been turned down, looks […]


The Nets have given head coach Jason Kidd permission to speak to the Milwaukee Bucks to be the head of their basketball operations after a failed power play to take over the team’s basketball operations, according to a report by Tim Bontemps of the New York Post. No, really, read that sentence again. Do it. […]