Joakim Noah, Brook Lopez

Joakim Noah's defense on Brook Lopez & the Nets was a game-changer Monday night. (AP)

The Brooklyn Nets take on the Chicago Bulls in a pivotal Game 3 of an all-knotted 1-1 first-round playoff series. Here's five things we're keeping an eye on.... MORE →


Carlos Boozer, Kris Humphries

Carlos Boozer has wrecked Brooklyn this season. But maybe they should keep letting him. (AP)

I have a theory I think of as the scorer's paradox.... MORE →


The Nets blew out Boozer's Bulls. How can they build in Game 2? (AP)

The NBA playoffs are about adjustments, from game-to-game and from series-to-series. The teams best able to take away their opponent's strengths and exploit their weaknesses generally win a series.

They say the greatest lessons are learned after a loss, and if that’s true, the Chicago Bulls received an Ivy League-caliber education in the Game 1 dismantling courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets. There is no doubt that the Bulls' coaching staff has plenty of film to watch and strategy (strategies?) to adjust.

But, what about the Nets?... MORE →


The Brooklyn Nets will face the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs, starting Saturday night at 8 P.M. Today and tomorrow, we'll take a look at how the teams match up.

Reggie Evans, Carlos Boozer

Reggie Evans, Carlos Boozer fighting for a loose ball. Shocking. (AP)

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Chicago Bulls starting point guard Kirk Hinrich and starting center Joakim Noah will both sit tonight against the Brooklyn Nets. Hinrich was announced out by the team and Noah told ESPN Chicago that he would not play.

Both players are big blows to Chicago's chances of victory -- Hinrich is a steady, solid point guard and Noah anchors the Bulls defense, currently ranked second in the NBA in efficiency.

Additionally, Bulls starting power forward Carlos Boozer is a game-time decision.