Check out your final grades below from Tuesday night's 113-106 Brooklyn Nets victory over the Toronto Raptors:


We should feed him this ALL DAY.

After back-to-back losses to the reigning champion Miami Heat and reigning Western Conference Champion Oklahoma City Thunder, the Golden State Warriors come to town to take on the Brooklyn Nets tonight at Barclays Center. The Warriors are 11-7 and have won four of their last five games, but they're also in their second game of a seven-game East Coast road trip.

I haven't seen too much Warriors basketball, except I did have the pleasure of watching this live, which was, uh, well, just watch:

Wouldn't it be nice if Brook Lopez did that on Nikola Pekovic just once while the Nets were blowing a 22-point lead at home against Minnesota?

Outside of that game, I haven't watched enough Golden State basketball, so I asked someone who does to help us learn a little more about the team. Joining me to talk Warriors is J.M. Poulard, blogger at ESPN TrueHoop Warriors Affiliate WarriorsWorld. J.M. knows his Warriors -- follow him tonight for the alternate perspective on tonight's contest.

Usual format: I ask J.M. three questions on the Golden State Warriors, he asks me three on the Brooklyn Nets. Onward!

J.M. Poulard on the Golden State Warriors

Devin: Are the Warriors better or worse off after the Monta Ellis trade?

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Joe Johnson Brooklyn Nets

Oh look! it's Joe Johnson! (AP/Frank Franklin II)

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- In a confusing blowout, the Brooklyn Nets took a double-digit lead at 6:18 of the second quarter and never relinquished it, comfortably conquering the Cleveland Cavaliers, 114-101. Though the Cavaliers made a few runs at the lead in the second half, outscoring the Nets 33-21 in the final quarter, the Nets continued to keep a respectable distance throughout the half.

First, the good. Joe Johnson and Deron Williams finally did that thing we were waiting for them to do -- play well at the same time -- and yet, their "times" came separately in the contest. That's not a criticism, just a recognition of the game flow. Williams came on early, scoring a variety of scoops and jumpers, spreading the wealth around (including a perfect alley-oop to Brook Lopez in the first quarter off a broken playset), and finishing with the team lead in scoring. Joe Johnson caught fire late, scoring sixteen points in the fourth quarter to upgrade from "another decent game" to "unleashing the final hellscape on poor Cleveland".

Though some may disagree, this wasn't the breakout game we've been waiting for from Joe Johnson... MORE →


After four games, the Nets are 2-2. They've won two games against inferior opponents (one by 39 points), blew a 22-point third-quarter lead in a stunning loss, and fell victim to the flying death machine known as the defending champion Miami Heat. Even early, it's been an up-and-down season, to say the least.

Joe Johnson hears the people talking about the early season, and isn't having any of it:

But we’re (four) games into the season,” Joe Johnson said. “About our record, after 10 or 20 games let’s have a deep discussion about our record. Not after (four).”

Johnson later acknowledged that he and Deron Williams have a pretty high billing -- "best backcourt in the NBA," "Brooklyn's backcourt," "The DUMBO Duo," etc. But finding that comfort zone takes time:

“It’s going to come for me. It just takes time. I just need to get acclimated with everybody, and I think things will come. Right now it’s early, we’ve only played three games. We just have a lot of room for improvement,” Johnson said. “I’m getting there. I just thought (Friday) night I miss a lot of shots I normally make but I’m still learning Deron’s sweet spots on the court, the things he likes to do, the places he likes to catch the ball.”

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