Nets to wear alternate sleeved jerseys with Brooklyn Dodgers blue (PIC)

When the Nets moved to Brooklyn, they & Barclays Center paid particular attention to their Brooklyn professional sports history. They planting the “Jackie Robinson Flagpole,” the original flagpole from Ebbets Field (of Brooklyn Dodgers fame) in front of the Daily News Plaza. They invited Brooklyn Dodgers stars of yore to the team’s home games. Now, […]

Most Brooklyn Nets Fans Aren’t From Brooklyn?

Judging from the number of Nets hats one sees in the streets of Kings County, it sure seems that the Brooklyn Nets have captured the imagination of Brooklyn. But there’s some statistical evidence that the Nets are not yet fully a Brooklyn team. First, just 16.7 percent of those who watched the Nets on YES […]

Marty Markowitz’s Dodgers Memories: Sneaking in to Ebbets Field, hating the Yankees, and watching the “loony” fans

Before the Brooklyn Nets had ever played a single regular-season game, I sat down with Brooklyn borough President Marty Markowitz to ask him a few questions about Brooklyn. One thing that came up when talking to Markowitz, a lifelong resident of Brooklyn, were his memories of the Brooklyn Dodgers before they left the borough in […]

The Dodgers Lived in Brooklyn. Why Can’t the Nets?

The Jackie Robinson House, 5224 Tilden, where he lived rookie year The decision of Deron Williams to buy a place in Manhattan instead of Brooklyn is a lost opportunity. The Brooklyn Dodgers were beloved in part because they were neighbors. Michael Shapiro of the Columbia Journalism School wrote: The Dodgers were built around a familiar […]

The Real Reasons for the Rise & Fall of the Dodgers (And What It Means for the Nets)

By MICHAEL SHAPIRO When you grow up in the Brooklyn I knew, which was pretty much the worst possible time – just missing the Dodgers and years before it got so cool – your memories of the place are almost always flat, dull and gray. My Brooklyn, circa 1952 to 1974, (from birth to graduation […]

Marty M.: “The Dodgers were in your face – and the Nets are going to be the same way.”

Recently, I sat down to chat with Brooklyn Borough President and Brooklyn’s #1 fan Marty Markowitz. We discussed the role of sports in Brooklyn life, “loony” Dodger fans and his memory of the team. “The Dodgers were Brooklyn. When they won we smiled. When they lost we were sad. When I heard people go past […]

Bob Windrem’s NJ-Brooklyn Love Story

Nets blogger Bob Windrem at Nets Daily talks about his personal experience with Brooklyn sports: On August 27, 1955, I traveled by bus with Cub Scout Pack 10 from Cliffwood Beach, NJ, to Brooklyn to see the Dodgers play the Cincinnati Redlegs. It was good time to go: The season was drawing to a close, […]

Marv Albert on November 1st: “I Can’t Wait”

Legendary broadcaster and native Brooklynite Marv Albert guest-wrote for the New York Times, talking the Brooklyn Nets, announcing for the first-ever professional game in Brooklyn, his hoop game, his relationship with Walter O’Malley and the Brooklyn Dodgers, being a Knicks ballboy (THE PICTURE!) and more. A snippet: Around the city, people keep asking me about […]

Sandy Koufax — BK Basketball Star?

With all the Brooklyn Dodgers nostalgia, it’s tempting to think that basketball only recently became The Brooklyn Game.  I was struck then reading the wonderful Jane Leavy biography of Dodger icon/hero Sandy Koufax by this: When he was growing up, baseball was neither Koufax’s dream nor his passion. His dream was to play for the […]