Substituting for Devin Kharpertian in Tonight’s Game….You

Beloved Devin is so shaken up by the experience of having met Nate Silver at convention of sports statistics nerds that he is incapacitated for tonight. Apologies. Please post your comments and grades here.


  1. That sounds like TBG don’t care enough about the Nets up to the point that they are unwilling to pay much attention to the actual game (not that that is a bad thing), as I find that (in general) TBG authorita (to quote Cartman) cares more about the Nets image as to what the true problems of the Nets are.

    Just my opinion, of course, although I’m 90% sure that my opinion is correct.

  2. it is time for everyone to admit that Reggie Evans can’t be playing more than 10 minutes a game. The man is a human turnover machine. On Friday night at least of 5 of Williams’ turnovers were because Evans has two bricks for hands. And even if he catches the ball he can’t do anything with it. Chicago did not guard him at all in the first half. With Evans in the game the Nets are playing 5 on 4.
    And there is the 7 foot point guard Andray Blatche. He makes so many poor decisions that the good plays can never make up for them. He creates way too many easy baskets for the other team with his bonehead plays.
    I am going to give Wallace the benefit of the doubt and say he is hurt. But at some point they need to sit him down and let him heal. If he is not hurt then they need to sit him because he is playing so poorly. Either way it is time to put him in street clothes for a couple weeks and hope to get him ready for the playoffs.