STILL ALIVE: Brooklyn Nets 110, Chicago Bulls 91 (Game Grades)

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

When Deron Williams is having fun, he’s so much fun to watch. Hit a pull-up three in transition and waved three fingers to the crowd because this is Brooklyn and he can do that. Excellent, efficient double-double (23 points, 10 assists). Big fan of the way he flung passes around tonight, most notably a fourth-quarter dime to a sneaky Brook Lopez for a dunk and-one. Attacked noticeably more in transition and semi-transition. The Nets will take this effort from Williams any day.


Scored four of the team’s first eight points before firing an airball and sleepwaking his way through most of the rest of the game.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

CONFIDENCE BACK. Hit three-pointers above the break in the first half, then put together the two biggest plays of the game, hitting a corner 3, then coming up with a steal and fast-break one-handed slam to put the Nets up 103-91 with two minutes left.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Hit four jumpers in the second quarter, because what the hell why not. Thought he gave the Nets some good minutes in the first half, though he got stretched more than I would’ve liked in the fourth quarter.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Another monster offensive game from Lopez, who didn’t have to do much outside of the paint for success. Tip-ins, free throws, baby hooks, some surprisingly good passing out of double-teams, and some big dunks (including a late and-one in the fourth quarter) for yet another fantastic offensive night. Ended the game with a huge double-double: 28 points, 10 rebounds.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Big 4th quarter. Played early with Lopez and looked good in tandem, though he was a step behind on a couple of defensive plays. Had one nice slam through (a little) contact to get an and-one in the first half and a bunch of buckets in the fourth as he abused Carlos Boozer’s drunken defense.


Had his struggles but LOOK AT THIS

Also, scored in Carlos Boozer’s face once, which is all I really need. But the Nets lineup was noticeably better with Blatche in at power forward late in the fourth quarter.


Had issues hitting from outside but attacked the lane well, and on one of the smarter plays of the game, Watson slid under a flailing Joakim Noah and picked up a big offensive foul call.


  1. i must admit after being at the game last night that P.J. is CLEARLY not in the same coaching class as the Bulls coach—interestingly,whenever Lopez was on the bench and a time-out was called-The Bulls head coach watched as the players went back on the floor-as soon as he saw Lopez rise off the bench to get back in the game-he then called Noah off his bench to get back as well!!
    in addition,the Bulls coach made better use of matchups and his team just seemed to have easier shots than the Nets did!!
    lastly,i had the pleasure of sitting next to one of the old powers of the Nets from the past who stated that P.J. is a decent,average coach but no better!!
    sounds like a coaching change will be needed as well as obvious roster changes–i know they would like Kevin Love but i dont think they have the personnel/draft picks to make a trade enticing to the Timberwolves!!