Someone Made The New Jersey Swamp Dragons In NBA 2K16 And It Looks Awesome

Have you ever wanted to be a Swamp Dragon? Now you can, on NBA 2K16.

An XBOX One user, who we can only identify as “Da Infamous NY” by his popular YouTube account and Twitter handle, built the New Jersey Swamp Dragons team branding in the video game following Zach Lowe’s oral history of the Swamp Dragons released Friday morning.

A rendering of the Swamp Dragons jersey from the video.

A rendering of the Swamp Dragons jersey from the video.

The user goes through the various colors, images, scales, and patterns necessary in painstaking detail to build the proper Swamp Dragons branding, both in the jersey and on the basketball court. As a bonus, the video finishes with a nice touch: the Brooklyn Nets moved back to New Jersey to claim their rightful name and logo.

To make it yourself, you’ll have to follow the download link in the video’s “About” section and upload the images to your account. Or, just click here.

Give it a watch, if only to see the world’s greatest terrible branding come alive in pixelated form, and let us know if you end up doing it yourself.