Rumor: Nets to redesign the BrooklyKnight?

Are the Nets going to re-design their mascot? It’s not clear yet, but on Grantland writer Zach Lowe’s “The Lowe Post” podcast, he drops a potentially juicy nugget about the future of the Brooklyknight — and a big star that might re-design it.

At around 52:30 in the podcast (listen here), Lowe says he’s heard (but not quite confirmed) that the Nets have considered a re-design for their universally panned mascot, and have reached out to late night television host Jimmy Fallon for his input (along with Marvel Comics) on a new look.

I try to stay as stylistically impartial as possible, but the BrooklyKnight looks awful. Here’s hoping Jimmy Fallon does something smart with it. Or maybe Jimmy Fallon can be the next Nets mascot!