Roundtable: Talking Nets & All-Stars

Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez

Not a one. (AP)

After finding out that no Brooklyn Nets players made the All-Star team, we at The Brooklyn Game had to talk about it.

1. Joe Johnson: All-Star Snub, or Right Call?

  • Mark Ginocchio: Right call. Joe has hit some very big shots for this team this season, but his first month or so was very inconsistent as there was clearly an adjustment period. His overall FG% is down from past seasons and I really don’t find myself too broken up about it.
  • Joe Johnson

  • Andrew Gnerre: Right call. If Joe Johnson’s an All-Star, then we’re going to need a bigger All-Star game, because we’ll have to let so many people in. Joe, I’ll use this space to let you know that we all really appreciate your 17.4 points per game and your ability to hit open shots and take smaller guards to task on the low block. But an All-Star you are not. But you’re still great! Get some rest that weekend!
  • Devin Kharpertian: Right call, but still kind of interesting. The East’s shooting guards are weak by design, but the coaches didn’t even vote one traditional shooting guard in. I wouldn’t make a case for Johnson over any of the actual choices (except perhaps Luol Deng, and that’s borderline), but I would make a case should the East coaches have voted any SG in, it should’ve been Johnson.


2. Brook Lopez: All-Star Snub, or Right Call?

    P.J. Carlesimo, Brook Lopez
  • Mark: Snub. This stings, for many reasons. Emotionally speaking, Lopez feels like the only true “Net” on this roster. The only other holdout from 09-10 is Hump and given all Brook has been through, to see him put together the first half he’s produced is remarkable. I understand stats like PER seem too complex and they don’t tell the whole story, especially with defense, but the guy is having an all-around great season and in terms of reserves, deserves to be there over Bosh, and to a lesser degree Chandler and Noah. On a truly selfish note, all we hear about is how the ASG is a laughable no-defense exhibition, and yet the coach’s decide to go with two guys in Chandler and Noah who are defense-first guys whose offensive game primarily consists of at the rim/garbage buckets while Lopez, who can create his own shot better than any of these guys sits at home.
  • Andrew: I’ll go the other way from everyone else: This was the right call. Did anyone really want to see lumbering, deliberate Brook clog up the all-star game like Jamal Magloire back in 2004. Sure, Magloire went off for 19 and 8 in 21 minutes that year, and Brook is like three times the player Magloire ever was so could probably do even more damage in a game where defense never shows up, but that’s booooring. Also, it’ll be fun to see an extra-motivated Brook make a sincere run at the All-NBA team in the season’s second half. (But I mean really, of course Brook Lopez should be an All-Star this season.)
  • Devin: Snub. I’ve gone into a rant about this already. Just read that.


3. Deron Williams: All-Star Snub, or Right Call?

  • Mark: I would have been shocked in D-Will made the team, especially after his terrible first 6 weeks of the season, the fact that he’s been tied to Avery’s ouster, and the fact that Holiday and Irving are truly better PG’s than Williams this season. It’s encouraging that he’s been playing better, but even D-Will will tell you he’s not an All-Star. Who am I to argue with the guy?
  • Andrew: Alright, I see two angles from which you could say that Deron got snubbed. One: He really was responsible for Avery’s firing, meaning he is the reason for P.J. taking over and for the ensuing 12-2 run that’s landed the Nets at third place in the East. Two: There’s a rule in the new collective bargaining agreement that says that if Deron Williams gets picked as an all-star reserve, but the starting center on his team is by some measures the best center in the league, the spot actually transfers to said center. If the coaches were voting based on this rule and this rule actually exists, then yeah, Deron got snubbed. Otherwise, this was the right call.
  • Devin: Right call. It’s weird that we’re now in a universe where Jrue Holiday and Deron Williams can be in the same conference and only Holiday deservedly makes the All-Star team, but here we are. The only mark you can really give in Williams’ favor is that he’s shooting a little better these days and doesn’t turn the ball over as much, but high turnover numbers for younger PG’s are a surprisingly good indicator of a player’s future, and even with them Holiday’s having a better season.


  1. Hello… I used to be here under another alias, but I could not remember my log-in info. So, I have “re-branded” myself, as the saying goes.
    Anyway, I usually check out this site from afar and do not get too involved with the comments, but this Nets All-Star snub thing has me upset.
    For one thing, despite what Brook Lopez says, being named to play in the All Star game seems to mean more to NBA players than to players in other sports. Maybe it’s just the way the NBA hypes itself, or maybe it has to do with the self-promoting nature of NBA players, but there always seems to be more buzz surrounding which NBA players make it as All-Stars, as opposed to those in other sports. Being named an All-Pro in the NFL, for example, is certainly an honor, but nobody cares about the Pro-Bowl. MLB is different too, in that EVERY team gets a representative, as with the NHL. So, for whatever it’s worth, the NBA All-Star team and the All-Star weekend festivities have more cache, more significance than with other sports, and as fans, we buy into it.
    That having been said, some players are ALWAYS All-Stars. Kobe, LeBron, those guys are always All-Stars; they’ve earned the right over their long and championship careers, and to me, it does not matter if other players are more deserving in a particular season than they are. By the same token, I think that a guy like Tyson Chandler, who has been a good warrior for many years now and is a defensive POY deserves to be make his first All-Star team (even if Brook beat him down last meeting). Still, as far as balance is concerned, especially when there are a lot of first-timers up for consideration, there needs to be some added consideration. For example, there is no reason why there needs to be two Knicks, two Celts, two Bulls, and Three Heat, and ZERO Nets on the East roster. I appreciate fan voting as a novelty, but KG, despite having been a VERY GOOD player throughout his career, has not earned the right to be a card blanche starter. Therefore, since he is statistically inferior (and an a$$hole), he should not be a starter, once again proving that most fans are idiots.
    I have no problem with Jrue Holiday making the team, or Paul George, or Kyrie Irving, for that matter. But, if there has to be a snub, why not snub Joakim Noah? The Bulls already have Deng on the team. Why not Chris Bosh? The Heat already had TWO players on the team. Not that it’s important, but the NBA was supposed to be so “Excited” for the whole Brooklyn thing, and then to not see that the best player on the Brooklyn team that also has the second most wins in the conference does not get put on the team? Ridiculous. If the whole point of the ASG is to kind of market the league and ALL of its teams, then wouldn’t it make sense to have somebody representing Brooklyn at the game.
    Look, it’s not all for show. Brook Lopez was DESERVING of an All-Star bid, and you can argue that D-Will and Joe Johnson were was well.
    The fly in the ointment was fan voting. It is skewed, biased, and uninformed. But there is some OBLIGATION on the fans who DO know better to make things right. I mean, we’re all, for the most part outraged about Brook’s omission, yet ANDREW BYNUM, who has not played at all this year, got more fan votes than Brook Lopez did, as did Bosh and Noah. So, if it comes down to picking the players that more fans want to see, then the coaches got it right in this regard. The bottom line is, the fans didn’t vote for Lopez. Maybe next year, if he’s playing at his current level, more fans outside of BK and NYC will take notice and give him enough votes to either be the starter or to be a more obvious pick as a reserve. But, overall, more fans wanted Bosh and Noah, so Bash and Noah they got. It is OUR responsibility as Nets fans to do more to ensure that our best players get more votes.
    In the end, the coaches are the ones who know better and anyone who knows better can see how much Brook Lopez (among a few others) has meant to the new Brooklyn Nets, and should have see fit to select him. It would have been an appropriate way to showcase not only a great player,battling back from injury, but the whole Brooklyn brand and franchise. But, if All-Star appearances are to be truly earned, maybe Brook needs to earn it for more than half a year; there is nothing wrong with that, and Joe Johnson and D-Will need to return to All-Star form.
    In the end, let’s set our sights on bragging about becoming Atlantic Division Champs, Eastern Conference Champs, and NBA WORLD CHAMPS. Then EVERYBODY will be talking about what a great TEAM this is (which it is) and next time around, the rest of the world will take notice.

  2. Obviously, the coaches around the league either disrespect the Nets or simply don’t like them. I can’t wait until The Nets knock off two All-Star laden teams on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals. That would be the ultimate revenge. Lopez is the best Center in the NBA this season. The game and the league look foolish for not including him.