Rondo out for C’s with torn ACL means All-Star replacement must be chosen. Could it be a Net?

As was feared by the Celtics and many basketball fans around the world, Rajon Rondo has torn his ACL and will be out for the remainder of the season. Doris Burke of ESPN/ABC first reported the news during the Celtics-Heat game on ABC.

How is this news Nets related other than the fact that an Atlantic Division contender has lost one of its key players? Rondo was set to be an All-Star starter for the Eastern Conference and with the injury, will obviously be sidelined for the game. Now its up to NBA commissioner David Stern to decide who Rondo’s replacement will be.┬áThat then leaves the door open for a player from the Nets to be chosen. With the near unanimous outcry from fans and media about how Nets center Brook Lopez was one of the biggest snubs this year, it will be interesting to see who Stern chooses to replace Rondo. The Nets also have two backcourt guys in Joe Johnson and Deron Williams who some thought merited consideration for the ASG. Once the replacement is chosen, it is then up to the head coach of the team to decide who starts in place of the injured starter.

After all, a new team in one of the largest markets in the NBA, who is having success this season, has to get at least one all-star to Houston, right?


  1. If they choose a guard, I can’t see any other competition for D Will. Maybe JR Smith, maybe versatile Paul Pierce, maybe Jordan for shits and giggles. But with the big men-laden team they’d need another guard. Gotta be D Will or Joe Johnson.

  2. Who gives a crap? Better that all Nets get a nice 4-5 day break to lick their wounds, rest, and figure out why they are not performing up to peak efficiency.

    Or is there some Nets’ fans that feels that having a player in the All-Star game is more important than the Nets’ players getting physically and psychologically prepared for the 2nd half playoff run?