Report: Nets offered Humphries, Brooks to Hawks for Josh Smith; re-focus on Paul Millsap

Posted on: February 13th, 2013 by Devin Kharpertian Comments

Paul Millsap

Paul Millsap (AP)

#HumpMarShonAndAPick is back!

The Brooklyn Nets offered forward Kris Humphries and guard MarShon Brooks to the Atlanta Hawks for power forward Josh Smith, according to a report from the New York Daily News. The Hawks rejected the offer. The Nets, seeing that they likely don't have the assets to acquire Josh Smith, have instead re-focused on Utah Jazz forward Paul Millsap in an effort to fill their power forward hole.

The 6'8" Millsap has averaged 14.9 points and 7.4 rebounds in 30.3 minutes per game this season, shooting 48.6% from the field. His PER of 20.6 ranks third among qualified power forwards, behind just Tim Duncan and Blake Griffin.

Utah Jazz Vice President of Basketball Operations & former G.M. Kevin O'Connor and Nets G.M. Billy King are no strangers to a deal -- they orchestrated the deal in February 2011 that brought Deron Williams to the then-New Jersey Nets after King had struck out in his quest to acquire Carmelo Anthony.

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  1. avatar NJBK44 says:

    Millsap would be a great addition. He is a high character guy with a strong BBall IQ. Everyone on roster except Joe, Deron, and Brook should be available to pull this off.

  2. avatar M I K E says:

    Kevin O’Connor is no longer G.M. of the Utah Jazz but he’s probably still closely involved within the organization from whatI have read… Dennis Lindsey is the new Jazz G.M.

    1. avatar Devin Kharpertian says:

      Good catch — he was GM & senior VP of Basketball Ops but left the GM position. Will fix

  3. avatar Max Weisberg says:

    Lets just hope Millsap doesn’t hold us hostage at seasons end like another guy currently occupying the SF position.

    1. avatar M I K E says:

      LOL…If I were him I would hire Wallace’s agent right now.

  4. avatar kenji says:

    i have been told weeks ago that they want to get rid of Humphries–unfortunately Millsap doesnt get this team past Lebrons team
    just to get this team to the eastern finals-means zero to King and Prokhorov if they have to give their future away!!
    i think they will get aggressive and take big gambles this summer or at next years trade deadline
    beating Lebron this season in the playoffs is not possible!!
    winning a few extra games This year is not their priority!!

    1. avatar Max Weisberg says:

      I think if they for some reason can’t get Millsap, then they don’t do anything and just wait until the summer or the deadline next season.

      I really don’t think management has any faith in this team doing well in the playoffs with the current coaching regime in place. Any deal they do this season will be with eyes for next season.

      Another reason why I think the Ben Gordon-Humphries trade is likely if they can’t find anything else for him.

      1. avatar kenji says:

        i am going to the game tonite-hopefully, i can pry some info., if i run into anyone i know with the team–hopefully,they will support or refute some of the many rumors circulating

        1. avatar Max Weisberg says:

          Kenji; a.k.a the Brooklyn Game’s inside source.

  5. avatar NJBK44 says:

    Can’t imagine Utah wants Hump with the loaded frontcourt they have. Getting Millsap will take a 3-way deal for the money to work out. Utah needs guards and we can only offer Marshon (they actually need a PG).
    This is a rumor I would actually love to see come to fruition. I really believe with Millsap the Nets coud make a run to Eastern conference finals (if they all gel)

    1. avatar Max Weisberg says:

      Humphries would never go to the Jazz in any deal.