Reggie Evans throwing an alley-oop to Andray Blatche is basketball’s version of a victory cigar

Brooklyn Nets forward Reggie Evans dribble-drived before lofting a lob to Andray Blatche, throwing down the dunk to put the Nets up 80-56 in the third quarter of a playoff game against the Chicago Bulls. This is a real sentence, with no typos or lies or mistakes or anything.

Blatche then posted this photo on Instagram after the game, presumably of he & Evans going to a cigar lounge to celebrate:


  1. That was a classic moment for a blow out. Perkins threw a lob pass to Ibaka yesterday in the Rockets game and I had a flash back.

    By the way, there is actually a cigar lounge near the Barclay Center which is part owned by David Diamante, the Nets announcer. These guys would be dressed appropriately for it on a Saturday night.