Reggie Evans In, Lopez Out Tonight vs. Warriors

The Brooklyn Nets officially announced that power forward Reggie Evans will play tonight against the Golden State Warriors. Evans missed Tuesday night’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder with the flu. Avery Johnson said on a conference call Thursday that he was “very hopeful” about Evans’ return tonight. Hope rebounds eternal.

Evans is tied with Kris Humphries for the team’s lead in rebounds per game, and his total rebound percentage of 25.4% would lead the league if he had enough minutes to qualify.

Evans bolsters a big man rotation that is still without starting center Brook Lopez, out with a mild foot sprain. The Nets will start Andray Blatche in his place, and Evans & Humphries may see spot time at “center” depending on lineups. The switch between power forward and center doesn’t change the approach, though; the only thing it may do is keep them closer to the rim defensively.


  1. We’re kind of lucky that GSW don’t have much depth at center either without Bogut. I feel more comfortable with Reggie at center than Hump.

  2. Good news here for sure. The Warriors aren’t exactly world dominators on the boards, but it will be nice to have someone like Reggie back on the floor.

  3. “Mild foot sprain,” my sweet aunt. Lopez is out for the season, isn’t he? I swear, one more foot injury that is “unrelated” to the first one will probably end his career. If not give him sepsis and kill him.