Carlesimo may last season, but Phil Jackson is the Nets primary coaching target

The Brooklyn Nets are in no rush to replace interim coach P.J. Carlesimo, and Carlesimo may even last the full season — but they have their sights set high. According to Howard Beck of the New York Times, the organization will “woo” 11-time championship coach Phil Jackson “whenever he is ready to be wooed,” whether that’s tomorrow, in the summer, or beyond. There are no other serious candidates for the job, though Jeff Van Gundy was floated as a potential backup plan should Jackson pass.

Beck also contends that there has been no contact between the Nets and Jackson as of yet, and that Jackson has never taken over a team in the middle of the season.

Jackson, incidentally, got engaged tonight to long-time girlfriend Jeanie Buss, daughter of Jerry Buss, the majority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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  1. Well, at least PJ can exchange stories with Brook about what it’s like to spend a year being told your team doesn’t want you.

  2. Not even sure we should be going after Phil. Of course I’d love it if we get the guy, but I like how it’s Phil or PJ and no one else.

    Ride PJ, the cheaper, less demanding option and see how things go.

  3. I agree, wait until the offseason to make a move unless the wheels come off. I feel JVG’s heart would be into it more than Phil Jack.