The Brooklyn Nets CENTER

The Nets put up a listless first half defensively, letting E'Twaun Moore go off in the second quarter and taking bad or easy shots early in the shot clock.

The Nets clawed back in in the third quarter, thanks to some hot shooting from Mirza Teletovic and game management from Joe Johnson, and had a chance to put it away in the fourth behind Joe Johnson's heroics, but it wasn't enough as Kyle O'Quinn blocked a Joe Johnson three-pointer and the Magic hit their free throws down the stretch.

Given the effort in the first half, they didn't really deserve to win this game, but considering how close they made it, this one still stings.

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Kept his steal streak going and played like he needs rest.


I love that even on the second night of a back-to-back when everyone on the Nets is playing like they've been awake celebrating since they beat the Heat Tuesday night, Joe Johnson is still his usual, boring, solid scoring self with an incredible knack for scoring in crunch time.

Only had one real brain fart: at the end of the third quarter with the ball and the shot clock off, Johnson fired a shot with over eight seconds left, giving the Magic a chance to race downcourt and fire up a shot. E-Twaun Moore buried the three, putting the Magic up 5 before the fourth quarter.

But Johnson took the reins of the offense down the stretch, and delivered on three occasions: a tough floater to bring the Nets within two and two shots in the paint to cut the lead to one in crunch time, but was blocked by Kyle O'Quinn on a three-point attempt that would have tied the game.

Kevin Garnett CENTER

Good stints -- got his first bucket by following a Deron Williams missed layup, and played his role as the offensive fulcrum out of the high post by hitting cutters and spread-out shooters en route to a season-high six assists. Looked spry, though not 100%.


He drove baseline every time and the Magic still couldn't stop him.

Mirza Teletovic POWER FORWARD

Despite shooting six three-pointers in the game's first six minutes (and a seventh that he shot just after accidentally stepping out of bounds), he didn't attempt one for the rest of the half and fell short of J.R. Smith's new NBA record set on Sunday of 22 attempts in a game. His third quarter shooting (four three-pointers) kept them within striking distance, and he drew a foul on Maurice Harkless with seconds left to keep the Nets alive. But he missed a crucial free throw, which helped put the nail in the coffin.

Marcus Thornton SHOOTING GUARD

E'Twaun Moore's 14-point explosion in the second half, the one that put the Magic up that gave them a double-digit halftime lead, was largely on Thornton's head, and Mo Harkless beat him backdoor on a key crunch-time play. He's a nice thief, but his on-ball defense tonight wasn't up to snuff.

Mason Plumlee CENTER

Lots of rim-rattling dunks, including a throw-in throw-down, and even showed off some unprecedented dribble-drive moves, but fouled out in the fourth quarter in what's a recurring theme for his high playing time. With Jason Collins not getting playing time and Garnett at the end of his minutes limit, the Nets played the end of the game without a true center, leaving Kyle O'Quinn to get all the rebounds he wanted.

One day he'll hit a shot from outside of the paint. It just may not be this season.


Mason Plumlee is seven feet tall with a 36" vertical and a knack for throwing down dunks. That leads to events like this, where Plumlee gets a nice feed from Nets teammate Andrei Kirilenko and throws down the major flush. One of Plumlee's best dunks of the year.

A special shout-out to Ian Eagle for his call on this play, anointing Mason Plumlee "The Plumber," leading to a discussion about the acceptability of that nickname.


Kyle O'Quinn is a professional basketball player. He is not an Olympic shot-putter. That makes this pass that much weirder, because Kyle O'Quinn soars this one like he's trying to set a record.

OQ Pass

Here's my favorite part about this pass: because of the beauty of the GIF form, this ball never hits the ground. It just soars over everyone: over the Nets defense, over Jameer Nelson's body, over the fans who duck at the last second, and flies out of frame, set to soar in perpetuity.

It's the pass that never hits its target, but just flies away, to a distant netherworld where the foils of bad commercials live in harmony. It is the pass left to the sands of time, one that escaped the concept of basketball and enjoyed a life outside of our collective consciousness.

Farewell, Kyle O'Quinn pass. I hope you found happiness on the other side.


On Tuesday night, Mason Plumlee threw back LeBron James in what was arguably the best Nets highlight of the season. But Plumlee isn't just a one-highlight rookie: Plumlee went right back to the rim to throw down this two-hand flush off his own miss over Orlando Magic defender Andrew Nicholson.

Kevin Garnett was impressed, according to reporters in the arena:
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Mason Plumlee (AP)

Mason Plumlee (AP)

After a fourth (4th! Quatro! Vier!) win against the Miami Heat this year, the Brooklyn Nets find themselves in their least favorite position: on the second day of a back-to-back. Luckily, they’re in Orlando to take on the lowly, 22-win Magic, who are trying their hardest to grab a few more ping-pong balls at season’s end for the upcoming NBA Draft. With Kevin Garnett in and Paul Pierce out, Brooklyn will try to keep their slim chances at the fourth seed alive.

Here’s three things to watch for in tonight’s game.
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Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Shaun Livingston, Deron Williams

Two of these guys won't play tonight. (AP)

After a thrilling 88-87 victory over the Miami Heat Tuesday night, the Nets will be short two starters on the second half of their second-to-last back-to-back of the season.
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Is Mason Plumlee the best rookie in the NBA? (AP)

Is Mason Plumlee the best rookie in the NBA? (AP)

If it wasn't the best four-minute stretch of Mason Plumlee's young career, it was certainly the biggest.
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Is Mason Plumlee for real? Are the Heat the matchup the Nets want? The Glue Guys are back to help answer those questions! Elliot, Brian, and Mike go around the horn for a podcast recorded right after the end of the Heat-Nets game, when the feeling of the game was still fresh.

Give them a listen above. Rundown below.

Start -- HEAT SWEEP. Mason Plumlee’s block on LeBron and the season sweep of the Heat.
7:00 -- We went there: are the Bulls or a Heat a worse matchup for the Nets?
20:45 -- The last few weeks: Is blowing a big lead and still winning against the 76ers a secret positive?
24:30 -- News Around the League: Pacers problems continue, David Lee’s injury and the Warriors playoff prospects, and the Joe Dumars era: a retrospective.
47:00 -- Killer Komparisons: CHEESE!


LeBron James, Mason Plumlee

Picture of the night. (AP)

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Here's a roundup of last night's Nets festivities.
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The Brooklyn Nets swept the Heat for the first time in 13 years, pulling off the first 4-0 sweep of the 'Big Three' by any NBA team since Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh joined forces. James dominated much of the game, but that didn't stop rookie Mason Plumlee from doing what he does best: dunking.

Plumlee later made the play of the game on James, rejecting LeBron's dunk attempt and saving the game.


Tuesday night, unlikely hero and Nets rookie center Mason Plumlee made the play of the game, stuffing LeBron James at the rim on a dunk attempt that would have put the Heat up by one and preserving an 88-87 victory and Nets season sweep.
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Brooklyn Nets center Mason Plumlee blocked LeBron James at the rim Tuesday night in the final seconds, preserving an 88-87 Nets victory and ensuring the Nets would sweep the season series over Miami. But LeBron James lingered in the tunnel after the game to see a replay of the block, and once he saw the connection between his hand and Plumlee's, he was none too happy:
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