P.J. shortening rotation to 10: who’s out?

MarShon Brooks,  Marc Gasol, Brook Lopez


According to Zach Schonbrun of the New York Times, Brooklyn Nets interim head coach has shortened the rotation to 10 players, and that the ten-man rotation includes second-year guard MarShon Brooks.

Given that Carlesimo has recently said that he’d like to give Mirza Teletovic more minutes, including Brooks in the rotation would indicate a ten-man of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Reggie Evans, Brook Lopez, C.J. Watson, MarShon Brooks, Keith Bogans, Mirza Teletovic, and Andray Blatche. In that case, the odd men out are rookie guard Tyshawn Taylor, rookie forward Tornike Shengelia, veteran guard Jerry Stackhouse — and, the last man out, forward Kris Humphries. The tweet above from Bondy confirms that Humphries is the last man out.

The Nets signed Humphries to a two-year contract worth $24 million this offseason. Humphries is one year removed from back-to-back double-double seasons on poor New Jersey Nets teams, but hasn’t cracked the rotation on a consistent basis in Brooklyn. In 52 games, he has played more than 30 minutes just three times.

Humphries is averaging a career-low 10.7 points per 36 minutes, and his field goal percentage of 43.5% is his lowest in a full season since 2005-06.

Brooks’s numbers are eerily similar to his rookie season when adjusted for playing time: per 36 minutes, Brooks averages 15.9 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 2.9 assists, shooting 45.3% from the field with a PER of 12.9.


  1. Does anybody really take seriously anything that PJ says about his rotations ? PJ’s main objective is to win games so he can hopefully get a contract extension…Developing players is not in his best personal interests right now…PJ will pay lip service to Teletovic, Brooks etc. to keep the Russians happy and the only time he will cave in is when we are behind in the 4th quarter or if the Nets go on a prolong losing streak.

    Watch,once we beat the lowly Bobcats everything will be just fine with the Nets in PJ’s eyes.

  2. I just don’t understand PJ’s desire to play Reggie significant minutes. We’ve seen what happens when he plays, if PJ thinks that Hump can’t perform at least as well as Reggie than he’s delusional.

    Mirza and Hump should be getting the PF minutes.

    1. PJ can’t afford to alienate the veterans on this Nets team and from what I have read Reggie Evans is one of the key guys along with Bogans in the lockerroom.

      Since Deron, JJ and Wallace are not alpha wolves Evans steps in the void and becomes PJ’s attack dog…If he loses Evans he might lose the team…Humphries, Teletovic, Brooks, Toko and Taylor have no place on this team right now on or off the court…In fact Jerry Stackhouse will probably reappear in the rotation any day now…PJ might not be as dumb as he appears…The only way he gets to coach this team next season is if the team wins now and the veterans give him the thumbs up…PJ will probably put his fate in Evans, Stackhose and Wallace hands and maybe you can’t blame him if you were in his shoes.

      By the way IMO Wallace has been a big disappointment for most of the year and should not be allowed to go uncriticized just because he throws his body around so fearlessly and IMO stupidly at times.

      1. I’m pretty sure short of the conference finals ownership has already decided that PJ isn’t coming back. Heck he’s still the “Interim” head coach, a title which they could have easily removed for the year.

        As for Wallace, I’d love to sit him on the bench, or heck dump him somewhere, (whether it’s injuries or not) he’s not the defender or the attacker that he was last year, But regardless Gwallace is part of the reason Dwill is here and like it or not Wallace will be here till he has a year left and we can move him.

        IMO it simply boils down to the fact that PJ has consistently shown to either be rusty or simply clueless regarding various on court activities. Case in point: You CAN NOT be playing Dwill and JJ as much as he’s played them, then you CAN NOT say that you shouldn’t play them that long and do it again and again… I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of hair I’ve lost after scratching my head when PJ fails to draw up an competent inbound play.

        As for losing the team, well winning solves everything, and they aren’t going to win consistently with Reggie or Stack playing significant minutes.

  3. Reggie is not even out of the starting lineup, so hoping he is out of the roatation is just wishful thinking.

    Reggie Evans would not be starting for any other team in the league.

    Hump and Mirza should be splitting the PF minutes.

  4. Hump off the bench and start Mirza!!! Can you imagine a 4 that can catch a pass, make a pass! Shoot free throws and hit threes.
    I’m getting tired oh watching Fugly basketball. Reggie I’d go to war with you brother any day!but you really suck. Please PJ grow a pair and do the right thing. Forget the locker room BS. Lets get some real players out there, other poster is correct Evans might start for a few D league teams but no NBA teams.