Opportunity Lost: Hawks 105, Nets 93 (Game Grades)

P.J. Carlesimo COACH

I try to shy away from grading the coach as much as possible — there’s so much gray area with in-game decisions — but leaving Reggie Evans, having perhaps his best two-way game as a Nets player, on the bench for seven minutes in the fourth quarter as the Hawks tore the Nets limb from limb inside, sticking with a two-point guard lineup when it’s struggled all season… I don’t pretend to presume that Carlesimo’s decision-making was the only reason for the Nets’ struggles tonight — they’re the ones getting decimated in the fourth quarter, after all — but this was not his finest coaching effort.

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Some good moves and another solid game overall but a lot of radio silence as the Hawks took this one away.


Quiet 18-point game from Johnson.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

The way Wallace sacrifices his body to make any play is exceedingly admirable, If only he’d make the play. Please make layups someday. This is terrifyingly bad at this point.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Had some nice moments on offense but the Hawks made it a point to attack him — and he wasn’t able to stop them.


Painful to watch when he’s not playing with the starters.


Hit three lefty hook shots in the first four minutes, notched a double-double early in the third quarter, picked up a technical foul for a little elbow-throwing, came close to a career high in rebounds, and sat during the fourth-quarter run that decided the game. Josh Smith certainly had his way with Evans tonight on a few occasions, but for once, it wasn’t the power forward position that lost the game for Brooklyn.

Mirza Teletovic POWER FORWARD

Hit an early three and faded away on an open five-footer. (He, um, missed.)


Doesn’t play well in two-PG lineups, and it showed.


  1. Spectacular. The one game I thought the players screwed up and not PJ and the first thing I see on the game grades is a big fat F for PJ.

    Since I’m never opposed to blaming PJ and giving him F’s…I’m in!

    F [for] YOU PJ!

  2. This team is very vulnerable on many levels, the most glaring two I see is that they are poor defensively, and they can be beat if the opposition decides to run the ball at every opportunity.

    And as we saw many times this evening, the Nets offense can be incredibly stagnant.

    I’m hoping for the best, but as the Nets team is relatively easy to figure out, I wouldn’t be surprised at a first round exit, no matter which seed they get.

    And now Nets hit the road.

  3. Weird game. Lots of weird turnovers by the Nets. Also Hawk hit two wild three pointers from deep and very deep with the shot clock basically at zero. The turnovers and those two threes (that really had no business going in) were a good part of the difference in the final score.

    Yes, the Nets aren’t good at defense. That isn’t changing with the personnel they have. They just have to outscore the other team. And that they can do that on a lot of nights.

    I totally agree that the sitting Reggie move is somewhat inexplicable. He was a little crazy with the elbow that got the T. But man he was on fire from the field (for him) and dominating the boards even better than normal. This could have been not just a 20 20 night, but a 20 – 30 night. (Okay, maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but he had 21 rebounds by the end of the 3rd.) What else can he do to get PT in the fourth? Apparently nothing. Though maybe this fourth quarter destruction will convince PJ to role with Reggie on certain nights.

    Anyway, no shame in losing to the Hawks. They are a quality team. Big Al has been great lately. J Smith is obviously very good. And the Hawks hit some lucky threes. This road trip might be tough, but going 3 and 5 would be enough for me and leave the Nets in a nice spot with a few home games against weak teams to finish out the season.

  4. as i have said repeatedly,it is no fault of P.J. that Lopez moves as quickly as a slug–no amount of coaching will improve this–he is a skilled offensive player–but would not be playing in the nba if it depended on his defense!!

    if this team REALLY wants to win it all at some point in the future-it CANT happen with Lopez as a pivotal component!!

    from watching this game on television–it is clear that any decent team will and can exploit Lopez deficiencies on defense!!
    as i also have said before,unless Lopez scores 30 points in a game,he is a liability otherwise

    in summary, Lopez is a nice guy but not my type of big man to ia championship team around—

  5. i also think that it is worth pointing out the FACT that Billy King turned out subpar as G.M. OF the 76ers-he gave too many players expensive,long term deals–he was fired and completely out of pro basketball until the Nets hired him—-from what i was told,he was handpicked by Avery Johnson over other more qualified candidates–because Avery was a little dictator and didnt want a strong G.M. THAT HE COULNT PUSH AROUND—thus he selected King who was just happy to be back in the NBA

    THE SUMMARY POINT IS King still has the same issues-giving long term huge contacts to players who should not have gotten them—this makes trading them to more sophisticated TEAMS VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE