One Glass Half-Full Way To Look At This Losing Streak

The Brooklyn Nets, for the ¡first! time this season, are mired in a four-game losing streak. They lost ugly tonight. They lost ugly on Friday night, too. They lost games they probably should have lost against the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder, but as a cliché would tell you, a loss is a loss. They haven’t won a game in over a week, and yet

…they’re still 11-8, three games over .500.

Even after losing four ugly games, even though it’s early in the season, the Nets are still 11-8, 10-4 with Brook Lopez in the starting lineup. The Nets haven’t had a four-game losing streak that ended with them at least 3 games over .500 since 2003, when they finished 49-33.

So yes, this losing streak is bad, and yes, this team has played below its expectations in the last four games, particularly against a competitive Golden State team and a beatable Milwaukee team. But even with all their recent struggles, they’d still qualify for the playoffs if the season were 19 games, they’re still a positive plus-minus team, and yes, they’re missing Lopez, who was the team’s best player in its first 15 games.

So don’t jump off the ledge just yet. The season is an 82-game grind, not a five-game sprint. 49 wins just means 33 losses.


*begins drowning in half-full glass*


  1. The actual “glass half-full” way to look at this is that failure this year helps us achieve success in the following years (i.e. Avery’s contract isn’t renewed).

    1. What kind of fan are you? Is this your first year following sports? It’s obviously your first year following the Nets because they’ve been absolutely abysmal the past few years and are finally decent. So according to your logic, hope the team loses so the coach is let go? Do you think D Will would have re-signed if the coach was terrible? Who should be hired instead, Joe Torre maybe?

      Do you go to Cyclones games? I recognize this backwards, nonsensical logic from some of their forums and hate to think there are two people like this roaming the streets of Brooklyn.