Nets will get a “good look at price paid” for Wallace today

Damian Lillard, Toney Douglas

(AP/Don Ryan)

Writing at New York Times’s Off the Dribble blog, Benjamin Hoffman notes that the Brooklyn Nets will have a look at what might have been today against the Portland Trail Blazers: at last year’s deadline, the Nets traded their first-round pick (top-3 protected), along with Shawne Williams and Mehmet Okur, for Gerald Wallace. The pick, which became the sixth overall pick, turned into point guard Damian Lillard — an early frontrunner along with #1 overall pick Anthony Davis for rookie of the year.

Hoffman said of Lillard, who leads all rookies with averages of 20.2 points and 6 assists, that “it would be hard for Portland to ask for more,” and though Lillard and Williams play the same position, he’d easily have been an enticing player.

Indeed, Lillard represents part of a long-term vision that the Nets eschewed in favor of a win-now mode: they’ve traded each of their first round picks since drafting Brook Lopez in 2008, always for veterans. Though it’s impossible to alter the past, an interesting what-if is to imagine a long-term core of, say, Lillard-Derrick Favors-Brook Lopez.

Either way, I still feel the Nets made the right move.

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  1. As Net Income over on NetsDaily likes to point out, the trade exception Billy King received from the Wallace trade was used to bring Reggie Evans in.

    So they acquired a very solid player in Wallace, shed Williams’ awful contract, brought in Evans.

    And Wallace would be even better if someone would tell him to please, please, please, stop shooting 3s from the high wing spot.

    1. Those two combined arent equal to Lilliard. Your talking someone who might be a top five point guard in 3 seasons. I like Wallace and Evans, but if I could have that trade back I would take it in a sec. I mean even if you only look at the salary considerations alone we make out better. No way you look at it we would be better off with that pick. To top it off we could have still signed Gerald Wallace!