The 15th Man: 6 Ideas For The Last Spot

The Brooklyn Nets waived non-guaranteed small forward Josh Childress at his request shortly before the new year, leaving the team with one open roster spot. With non-guaranteed contracts becoming officially guaranteed tomorrow (note: because of the waiver process, if a player hasn’t been waived yet, his contract is fully guaranteed), we at The Brooklyn Game decided to look at some potential ways to use that 15th spot, including former Nets, D-Leaguers, and newly minted free agents. Here are six potential ideas to complete the Nets roster.

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  1. Not sure of the reason for Billy King’s seeming infatuation with collecting mediocre small forwards like some people collect comic books or baseball cards – or the reason for his mantra that “you can’t have more than 5 bigs”, but here is a NewsFlash for him: Mr. Prokorov’s title contender is just one simple Brooks Lopez turned foot (think Greg Oden or Sam Bowie) and one dingbat Andray Blatche night-on-the-town away from having NO legit centers. Which is the NBA usually means NO playoff wins, unles your team features Michael, LeBron, or Kobe – which ours does not. So that 15th spot should be used to get an emergency pivot in here pronto. If Billy really needs another small forard, maybe he should try playing the young star he already has in Marshon Brooks or give Toko his shot. Love the classy Jerry Stack, but maybe it is time he took his deserved rightful spot on the coaching staff in PJ’s old seat, and let the young future Nets take care of putting the ball in the basket.

  2. I think that K-Mart would be a very good choice to sign. Like you said he would be very low risk. He would bring a toughness that Nets would like to have. He would supplement Reggie Evans as a tough rebounder off the bench. He would also bring an offensive presence that Reggie couldn’t. He would be very edgy. I also think that leaving open would be good. If we trade Kris Humphries since of the depth at PF it would be good to take someone else for the contract.

  3. Our weaknesses are at the extremes. We have no big 5’s after Lopez and I hear you about Harrelson. At the other end we have no small, hyperquick 1’s. We have not been able to deal with the Bucks backcourt, or other similar players. Who’s available like that?

  4. If the Nets don’t use fill the 15th spot, they should increase the minutes of their rookies. I would love to see Mirza & Tyshawn get some more minutes. If they pick up one of these guys, it should be Sam Young without a doubt.