Nets @ Pistons, 7:30 P.M. EST:
TBG Open Thread


Grade the Game At Any Time!

Tonight: The 28-20 Brooklyn Nets travel to Detroit to take on the the 18-31 Detroit Pistons, at 7:30 P.M. EST tonight in Detroit at The Palace of Auburn Hills. The Pistons, after trading Austin Daye and Tayshaun Prince to acquire Jose Calderon, lost their first game with the new lineup 99-85 to the New York Knicks. The Nets are fresh off a nine-point loss to the shorthanded Los Angeles Lakers last night and now trail the Knicks by four games in the Atlantic Division.

Watch & Listen: Tonight’s game is broadcast on YES Network. Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello are on the call. The game is radio simulcast on WFAN, and in Spanish on WADO.

More on tonight’s game, including injuries and stats, after the jump.

Out: For the Nets, Tornike Shengelia is out indefinitely with a mild concussion (again, no concussion is “mild”). The Nets did not release any additional injury report. For the Pistons, rookie backup center Andre Drummond is listed as questionable with a sore back but is expected to play.

Probable Starters:
Detroit Pistons: Jose Calderon, Brandon Knight, Kyle Singler, Jason Maxiell, Greg Monroe (12 minutes, +/- -27.6 per 100 possessions)
Brooklyn Nets: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Reggie Evans, Brook Lopez (232 minutes, +/- +4.1 per 100 possessions)

Advanced Statistics:
Detroit Pistons: 100.8 offensive rating (17th), 103.5 defensive rating (19th), 92.84 possessions per game (23rd)
Brooklyn Nets: 104.0 offensive rating (10th), 103.4 defensive rating (18th), 90.64 possessions per game (30th)


  1. Nets need this game.

    Lopez is the only guy who has been showing up every game. DWill, JJ and Wallace really need to some soul searching or else the are going to be the new Barron Davis, Steve Smith, and James Posey.

      1. But why is he taking more shots than Joe Johnson (who is being guarded by BRANDON KNIGHT) and Deron Williams (who is being guarded by JOSE CALDERON).

        It’s quite funny actually.

  2. Haha…I thought they were chanting “WE WANT PIZZA” but they were chanting “WE WANT MIRZA.”

    God bless those fans but I don’t think they know that our coach is of extremely low intelligence.

      1. We know you’re going to jump on that as soon as you can because that is your biased opinion that will never been changed.

        Were those three airballs awful? Yes.

        But if you’re going to ignore the fact that he was sitting on the bench for 3 quarters and gets inserted into the game to possibly get a hot hand and make some shots without getting any previous run, then you’re just ignorant.

        And if you’re going to use three air balls in one game to solidify your opinion that “Mirza sucks,” then again, you are an extremely short sighted person.

        I don’t know if he can play. Neither do you, and if you claim you do just from what you’ve seen this season, you are a fool. But what just transpired does not change my opinion that he needs more PT.

          1. You’re right. Anyone who airballs three in a row must be the worst player of all time.

            Look, maybe he sucks, maybe he doesn’t. We don’t know yet. I would like to know though and these short 3-minute bursts are not going to give us answer.

            I’m just not going to sit here and let you make claims about how good or bad of a player he is from what we’ve seen of him this season.

  3. I don’t get, Max, how you’re a contributor to this site being as pessimistic as you are. If Devin were as pessimistic, I’d stop visiting this site all together.
    I’d also love someone who could stretch the floor but at this point Mirza is not that guy. Hopefully he can be there before next season but at this point he’s not better than Hump or Evans.
    D Will’s success can also be measured by Lopez’s success. Anyone remember how Lopez took off once Devin Harris was traded and D Will came aboard?

    1. Why?

      Because he air balled three shots?

      And you seem to know so definitively that Hump and Evans are better than him. But how? He’s played over 20 minutes just TWICE in his career.

      And just because i contribute to the site, does that mean that i have to be positive all the time? Even when the team is playing like crap? I can have whatever opinions I want as can you. I am not required to optimistic or pessimistic. I describe what I see as I see it. Not as you want me to see it.

      1. Your more biased then anyone on here

        You have been complaining about Evans all game even though he has been playing great

        Mirza was horrid yet your defending him.

        Outside of 2-4 OK games those airballs have been indicative of Mirza’s season.

        1. I was never critical of Evans. He played well. Excellent on the boards. Maybe took too many shots, but he made them, so good job. Look at the comments here. I questioned why he was taking more shots than Joe and Deron at one point. That’s not on Reggie.

          I am not defending Mirza. I am saying that what we saw tonight is not going to tell us whether he is an NBA player or not. We’ve seen good and we’ve seen bad. The only way we will find out is through consistent minutes.

          1. LOL OK Max.

            Im not going to argue with you, after all we did win.

            This win was gratifying because we didnt deserve to win this one.

            The team showed alot of poise pulling this one out

      2. I don’t know, I’m not privy to Nets’ practices and I’ll go out on a limb and assume you’re not privy to them either. Therefore, the coaching staff knows much better than any of us what Mirza is capable of. I trust their judgment in playing him sparingly. And judging but what I have seen, while his talent can be tantalizing, I think their decision is warranted. Euro players need time to adjust, so I can’t say he’s a bust. I hope he continues to improve but at this point this “Free Mirza” talk is silly, and more PT will simply lead you to complaining about more Nets.

  4. Here’s my official statement on Mirza’s three air-balls:

    Should any NBA player ever come into the game and air-ball three in a row? No, never. Were they awful and embarrassing? Of course. Does it mean he sucks? No. Did sitting for 3 quarters have anything to do with it? Of course.

    I am not going to be a blind supporter of Mirza. I don;t do that with players. If they are playing awful, I will say so. If they are playing well, I will say so. I am going to describe it as I see it. I would just like to see Teletovic get into a rhythm so we can see what he can do. Maybe he will suck. Then we can just forget about him. But until then, and until we stop seeing these little three-minute bursts, I am not going to stop in my desire for more PT for Mirza.

  5. I have to admit, I totally laughed when Mirza hit air on his first 3 attempts. After begging for him for weeks, this is what we get. You can’t write this stuff.

    I think he will be okay though. He’s missed shots before. Keep giving him playing time.