Nets looking to trade Andray Blatche?

Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio, in a trade rumors roundup, cited multiple sources stating that the Brooklyn Nets have an interest in trading backup center Andray Blatche, seeking a draft pick in return. According to Amico, Portland is looking to shore up its league-worst bench and could be interested in the deal.

Blatche has undergone a sharp turnaround since his years in Washington, shooting a career-high 49.6% from the field and posting a 22.7 player efficiency rating, tied for 12th-best in the NBA. He had struggled in recent weeks until helping carry the Nets past the shorthanded Chicago Bulls Friday night, and was allegedly involved in a sexual assault case in Philadelphia at the beginning of the month.

A league source at NetsDaily dismissed the rumor.

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  1. Blatche has been great this year. I can’t imagine the Nets trading him and certainly just getting back a draft pick wouldn’t be enough.

    I’d like to see him get more minutes with Lopez as a twin tower lineup. That would put size on the floor that few teams can match and which in particular would create problems both for the Knicks and the Heat.

  2. I don’t see them trading him, but there could be multiple reasons as to why this rumor would come about.

    A) He’s been playing like crap, so maybe this is just to get him going. He also might not be in the same shape as he was in the beginning of the season.

    B) If the Nets don’t feel like they can re-sign him because they don’t have his bird-rights, maybe they want something back for him. But then again, it will be interesting to see a) what type of offers he gets and b) if he takes a discount to remain here because he is already getting his WAS money

    This won’t happen. The Nets can’t go without a backup center, ESPECIALLY considering Lopez’s foot issues. This draft also sucks, so a first rounder may not mean much.

  3. Maybe they could get last year’s sixth pick (Lillard) back from Portland. Yeah, I don’t think trading him would net anything of consequence. Expiring deal at the minimum, good talent but not much value from a contractual POV. This year’s draft isn’t particularly strong as well. But I have a feeling this is just hype – why would an upper level team trade away one of their leading scorers for a draft pick? As competitive as Mickey P is, don’t see it happening.

    I’d also like to see more of the Twin Tower lineup.

  4. Unless its part of a larger deal, eg, Milwaukee says, sure, we’ll give you Ilyasova for Hump, but we want picks in return.

    1. I agree Dan. I think it may be part of a bigger deal because it would not make sense to trade away our best big man off the bench. I hope it for Paul Millsap in Utah, but I’ll take Ilyasova as well.