Nets Interested in Ben Gordon?

According to Chris Broussard of

The Nets and Bobcats have had discussions about a trade that would send Charlotte’s Ben Gordon to Brooklyn for Kris Humphries, according to league sources.

The talks are ongoing, but sources said no trade is imminent.

A Gordon-for-Humphries trade works financially as both players make $12 million a year.

The Nets’ interest in Gordon stems from their need for better ways to space the floor. Ranked 21st in the league in 3-point shooting, Brooklyn regularly has seen opponents clog the lane.

The 29-year-old Gordon, a sixth man in Charlotte, averages 21.4 points and 3.6 assists per 36 minutes, shooting 41.7% from three-point range. Humphries has been in and out (mostly out) of the Nets’ rotation all season.

Adding Gordon to the Nets’ lineup could make for a few interesting lineup combinations, including a starting lineup with Joe Johnson at the small forward position, shifting Gerald Wallace to power forward.

According to Howard Beck of the New York Times, the Bobcats proposed the trade, and it’s up to the Nets to decide whether or not to accept it.

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  1. I would love Ben Gordon. Especially for Kris Humphries. You knew this was coming soon.

    And for those who say that of we trade Humphries we’re basically out of assets for a while, it’s not true. Hump and Gordon have the same contract basically. And if Gordon takes his player option next season, he’ll be an even bigger expiring contract than Humphries. So not only would he help us, but he would also be an attractive piece at the deadline next season.

    He also makes Marshon more expendable for a starting PF. That would seem to be the only issue with this swap, would be we would not be able to get a starting PF for the rest of the season. And no, I don’t think Mirza is the long term option. I think he’s a better fit with the starters than Evans but I don’t believe at this point that either is a starting PF in the future.

  2. Trading for Gordon makes too much sense.

    Nets need someone who has a quick release.

    JJ and Brooks are both ball dominate scorers. Gordon would give the Nets someone who can catch and shoot all in one motion.

    Adding Gordon would make Watson expendable IMO. Go with Tyshawn as the backup PG and Bogans at SF to make up for Gordon’s lack of D.

    Gordon would give the Nets a Jason Terry type of player. Someone who can make clutch shots off the bench in a combo guard role. He has the ability to go for 40 on any given night.

    1. So we’re going to then trade our veteran backup PG so we can then play a rookie who has averaged under 5 MPG this season and is a virtual DNP every night?

  3. I’m sure you guys have dabbled in the trade machine and so you know that it’s NOT EASY to trade Kris Humphries. When you look around there just aren’t a lot of teams that need a dude like Hump for the money he makes. The fact that the Bobcats are into this deal is a huge stroke of luck. I don’t love Gordon’s game but as soon as he steps on the floor he’s the best shooter on the team. He’s not a good defender. Opponents score 9 more points per 100 possessions when Gordon is on the court for the Bobkittens. This stat is relative to the team he’s on (Brook is no defensive stalwart but he sure as hell isn’t Byron Mullens either).
    Bottom line: Nets need a 3 point shooter and Gordon can be that. (I’d rather have Redick than Gordon, but this is like a medieval family trying to Marry off their ugliest daughter…the first opportunity might be the only opportunity.)