Nets Hat Giveaway: Prediction Edition!


Note: this is my hat. You can’t have it. But you’ll get one like it!

We’ve got just one more hat to give away on this festive Wednesday. How are we going to do it?

Here’s how to win. In the comments on this post, ANY TIME before the game starts, post two predictions:

1) Which team you think will win tonight’s Nets-Knicks game, and
2) How many points that the winning team will score.

Closest (or perfect!) answer wins the hat. In the event that you and someone else think identically, here’s the tiebreaker:
3) Predict the game’s high scorer, and how many points you think they’ll score.

Good luck to all you silly gooses. And although I’m sure it doesn’t need to be said, all responses MUST BE IN before the game’s 7:00 start. Because duh.