Nets Fail To Defend Home Court: Bulls 90, Nets 82 (Game Grades)

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Flummoxing performance, especially after such a sublime outing in Game 1. For all of his ability and all of his decision-making ability, it was just frustrating to see him miss good and bad shots alike. Couldn’t hit open shots or contested ones. Definitely his roughest outing since the All-Star break, if not all year.


Didn’t hit open shots and fell into an all-too comfortable, all-too familiar, poor isolation-style offense as the Bulls took control of the game in the third quarter. Hit two big threes to bring the Nets back into the game in the fourth quarter, but had his shots fallen earlier, they wouldn’t have been in such a predicament.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Other than one gorgeous layup in the first quarter and one equally beautiful and clean blocked shot that was called a foul, a “regular-season effort” from Wallace — which is not a good thing.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Couldn’t contest with Noah/Gibson/Boozer near the rim, though he did have one nice stretch with buckets on back-to-back possessions, the second a fast-break dunk.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Looked excited out of the gate, including putting down a great dunk in the first quarter, and hit four straight midrange shots in the second. Played decent defense inside, though the Bulls shot better than they did in Game 1. If he was the Nets’ second- or third-best player tonight, perhaps they would’ve had a shot. Unfortunately, he wasn’t.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Had some good moments in the fourth quarter playing power forward next to Lopez but also got burned gambling defensively and had issues catching the ball.


Entered the game, did almost nothing of consequence, and left 98 seconds later a +6. I don’t really have a grade for that, but I felt it deserved notation.


Played aggressively against Carlos Boozer — perhaps too much — but never really left an indelible Reggie-esque impact on this game beyond accidentally dribbling the ball off his foot once.


Hit a few shots and distributed well but really the only major note here is that he really hates Nate Robinson and I respect him for it.


    1. I DONT KNOW WHY YOU CONSTANTLY HOLD P.J. accountable–TOO MANY OPEN SHOTS MISSED—if you give the credit for game one to the players and not P.J.–then you should have the players shoulder the blame for game 2!!
      this team sorely needs an athletic big man–the responsibility and blame falls on general manager,Billy King–he was incompetent as a general manager in Philadelphia and despite a ton of financial support from the owner-he has built a team that the individuals are better than the some
      the reason that he got the job to begin with had to do with Avery Johnson–he wanted a g.m. that he could manipulate–King was the perfect choice-out of basketball and desperate to get back in–at this point-he should also be replaced this offseason by someone more capable to be the g.m.

  1. Ugh, I was afraid of this. The Bulls clearly made adjustments in the second half of Game 1 and that carried over to shutting down the Nets for two halves yesterday. PJ is clearly playing the wrong people. With the team desperate for scoring, Marshon remains on the bench and not supported. While Fan Favorite but already announced retiree Stackhouse is 0 for 5 on corner threes for the series. The plays where Williams tries to run his man of a series of screens pretty much doesn’t work in the regular season and it certainly isn’t going to be effective against the hard working Heinrich.
    But as bad as the coaching (and the reffing) was, the loss is solidly on DWill’s tentative and ineffective play. Not only did he miss his shots, he continually turned down solid scoring opportunities and he rarely drove into the lane with a purpose. It wasn’t just a bad performance, it was a confusing performance.

    1. Dwill clearly has issues unrelated but affecting his peformance–THIS should have been investigated by Billy King before giving DWill a mega contract!!
      in my opinion ,i do not believe that a team should rely and pay a player huge money if there are chronic issues that may affect his play!!

      Billy King cannot get this team where the owner desperately wants–the Nets need someone better in charge!!