Lakers Steal One In Brooklyn: Lakers 92, Nets 83 (Game Grades)

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Played the entire first quarter and well, scoring out of nice moves, smart uses of screens, and making good shots.

After that first? Invisible.


Thought Johnson played a solid all-around game — the kind of game you’d like to see from Gerald Wallace, if Gerald Wallace was a shooting guard. But they don’t need Joe Johnson to be a shooting guard version of Gerald Wallace. They need him to be Joe Johnson. (Sit in my head for a while. It makes sense. I swear.)

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Below Crash standards. Don’t blame him so much for getting crossed up and dunked on by Kobe Bryant — no shame in that game. Do blame him for throwing the ball away at a crucial moment off an inbounds in the final minute.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Got more playing time. Didn’t do much with it.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Another monster game from an All-Star center. He didn’t play above his head, or above expectation — he just played more minutes. And when he does that, his numbers look like this.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Struggled early — instead of going towards the basket, which worked wonders in the fourth quarter against Chicago, Blatche’s first two attempts came were fadeaway jumpers, both that fell well short.


When he’s missing…


Appreciate the energy, did a lot of good things on the floor, but as in every game, his limitations were fully on display.


  1. This loss hurts but at least the fought the whole game.

    Lopez was a stud. This was one of his best games on both ends.

    JJ wasn’t making his shot but had 6 rebounds and 5 assists

    D Will was Meh.

    Wallace was horrible. He single handedly lost this game for us. he made mistake after mistake. I cant believe how much he has declined since last year. Everyone worries about the PF position but SF is the bigger concern. Wallace isnt good defensively anymore and his offense is putrid. Kobe was daring him to do something.

    1. I just don’t understand why he can’t make a three-pointer anymore.

      It’s like he lost all confidence when he realized teams started leaving him open for a reason.

      1. All of his injuries have put extra mileage on his body.

        It’s not just his jumper either, he has lost touch on his layups.