The Brooklyn Nets, without starting center Brook Lopez drop a close one to the New York Knicks 100-97, on a Jason Kidd dagger 3-pointer with 24 seconds left. Gerald Wallace and Deron Williams both had looks to tie the game late, but neither could put one down and time expired. The Nets jumped out to an early lead, but lost it slowly over the course of the next two quarters before a highly competitive fourth quarter ended in the Knicks victory. Win or lose, what a fun game to watch. These teams should play every week.

Here’s the grades:

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Excellent game from D-Will — didn’t play out of his pace, didn’t force *too* many shots, and exhibited some wild passing wizardry in the post and driving with the ball. One of his better games. Got a good look as time expired and just couldn’t put it down.


Solid game from Johnson, the kind you hope to expect from him offensively on a nightly basis, even if it’s not 100% the game you want. Didn’t get to the line yet again.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Energy looks good when energy comes out on both ends and results in dunks and layups. Generally you can’t do much to stop Carmelo Anthony defensively — you kind of try to lull him into bad shots and hope he takes them. Did get a little overaggressive at times, specifically once in the fourth quarter attacking the ball defensively and leaving Melo wide open for 3. Got smashed into the floor on a play late in the fourth and kept playing. Hard in the paint.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Zero Hero, coming through on Tuesdays. Blatche continues to impress, hitting jumpers early, drawing fouls, getting in the lane, and putting up points in big moments. Oddly similar to Brook Lopez.


A second straight game of brief offensive explosion.


“The Joker,” apparently, is his nickname. I prefer Flail Boy Magic Mr. Floptastic but I’ll take it. A much better showing from Evans on both sides of the floor than on Sunday night. Disrupted lanes, played straight-up defense in the post, and his appetite for rebounds just cannot be satiated. With Blatche not picking up too many boards tonight, well appreciated.

Jerry Stackhouse SHOOTING GUARD

A team-worst -11. Time waits for no Stack.


  1. The Nets needed to to win consistently in order to establish credibility and respect not only in the city, but in the NBA. While they have lost some close games and have had some injuries, at the end of the day, they are 11-9 which is not good enough in New York City. The media is going to kill them.

  2. Honestly, I believe these grades are overinflated. The Nets in my opinion had a poor effort today defensively. It’s to the point where they blow leads because they are a good offensive team but not a great one, and they just do not play consistent enough defense to keep a team at bay for 48 minutes especially a good one. Having lost yet again at home, despite the energy in the arena, I do believe that these grades are too high as a result of that.

  3. I know we all love DWill, but when your point guard shoots the most in a game and only hits 38%, he can’t get an A, more like a B- because of the double-double.

  4. Damn dude. Five in a row. That stings. Sure we played good teams but I think this is a call to improve out depth. Damn this stings to lose to the bum ass Knicks. Lets get back on track against the raptors. Brook is out for that too. Lets beat em like a drum.

  5. Three things to look forward to tomorrow night:

    1. Nets getting back on track in C,eh,N,eh,D,eh against The Raptors, who just lost to a Trail Blazers that went 0-20 from three point land.

    2. Avery Johnson saying Bargnani repeatedly.

    3. Amir Johnson (if he plays)’s reaction to Reggie Evans flopping.

    1. Lol, good list. That was probably the dumbest way to get ejected by Amir Johnson the other night. Man, the Raps then the pistons, we’ve got to take advantage and wreck them. Starting to look like the NJ Nets.

  6. To me the worst part of the loss was Spike Lee’s stupid little face barking on the side like a chihuahua. At least Jay-Z looks cool while being a fan.

  7. I think you’re too soft on D-Will. In addition to the points made by dbracy007, he DID have a game winning shot opportunity at the end of the game and missed. I’m not saying it was an easy shot. But missing the potential game winner ought to take off at least half a grade.