Knicks 100, Nets 97: Box Score Reaction

Posted on: December 12th, 2012 by Devin Kharpertian Comments

Check out the box score from last night's 100-97 Knicks victory over the Nets here.

Three things of note:
1) 45. Duh. Carmelo Anthony dropped 45 points on 24 shots in 44 minutes. Last time these two teams played, he dropped 35 points on 24 shots in 50 minutes. I would say that the Nets contained 'Melo on the 26th -- he scored in bunches, but not particularly efficiently and below his per-minute season average. Last night was proof positive that the only thing that can stop 'Melo consistently is 'Melo. After a rough first few minutes where Anthony forced off-balance jumpers and awkward drives, he quickly got into a rhythm and began dominating.

Another weird thought: Melo dropped 35 on November 26th and the Nets won by 7. Melo dropped 45 Tuesday night and the Knicks won by 3. HE IS THE DIFFERENCE!

2) -6. Even in this loss, it's worth noting that the Nets lost because of their perimeter defense and New York's perimeter scoring, not because of what happened on the interior. Blatche and Evans did an admirable job on Tyson Chandler (who finished with a -6 plus-minus on the night); even scoring straight through him at some points. The Chandler-led Knicks were known for their defense, but it was the offense last night that made the difference.

3) 8:15. Kris Humphries played just eight minutes and 15 seconds last night. Woof.


  1. avatar Taylor Made says:

    After the game, Melo said that last time they lost “not because of anything the Nets did.”

    What a prick.

    1. avatar maxw16 says:

      THis annoyed me, and it’s why I was just pissed that we lost. If we won without Brook, then what the hell could this moron say now?

  2. Another number to watch out for 12/12/12: the date the Nets get back on track north of the border against the Bacons.

    1. avatar DanRodriguez804 says:

      Yep! Let’s look forward now to the Raptors and Pistons.

    2. avatar maxw16 says:

      If we don’t beat this lowly Toronto team without Bargnani, Kleiza, and Amir Johnson, then well…idk. I might just become a Grizzlies fan ;)