Kidd: No more iso-ball

In what will probably be universally seen as fantastic news for Nets fans, head coach Jason Kidd said after today’s practice that the Nets will no longer rely on iso-ball.

“You look at the league as a whole — we’ll use the two teams [in the Finals] Miami and San Antonio — they are teams that kind of stayed away from iso and moved the ball around and there was multiple touches. That’s what we are trying to get to, being able to move the ball. Sacrifice is something I might say a lot. Something you’ll [also] hear me say a lot, is making a play for a teammate.

Don’t be afraid to let go of the ball because a lot of times, when you do let go of the ball, the ball will find you. And so, that’s something that we are going to get away from because against the great defenses in this league, you won’t be able to win a seven-game series.”

Kidd continued, saying the Nets isolation-heavy offense last season, consisting of many, many plays where Deron Williams or Joe Johnson would just go against his defender one-on-one, trying to create space for an open shot, just didn’t work.

Kidd also stressed team defense is an important tool to help win championships.

“We are going to try to not iso. We are going to get more team-oriented on the offensive and defensive end. I think that was one of the things that stood out. It was more individual defense, and when you look at the teams that have won championships, they’ve all talked about team defense, helping one another.

I think our team is built in that way, where we can play well together on the offensive end and on the defensive end.”


  1. This is great news. With this alone, I already like him more than Avery & PJ. I’ve never been a fan of isolation basketball. It’s great for pickup basketball, but in the NBA it’s not a style conducive to winning. I’m glad Kidd has already realized this.

  2. I hope to God that Kidd makes this his objective. The  last season Nets ran the ball was ’05-’06, and that was because of their defense.
    But 43 years of listening to offseason promises have led me to be a Net fan that knows seeing is believing.