Kidd due in court for pending DWI charge last July

Newly hired Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd is set to appear in court June 20th stemming from his arrest last July on drunken driving charges. According to the AP, Kidd has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge.

Kidd’s attorney, Edward Burke Jr., did not immediately return a call from the AP seeking comment.

It was reported at the time of the accident, that Kidd had suffered minor injuries when his vehicle hit a pole and veered into the woods in Water Mill, Long Island last summer.

Many have reported that the pending charge could carry up to a year in prison.

After the arrest, Kidd tweeted:

It is unknown what effect this situation will have on his ability to carry out his duty as Nets head coach.

Sports Illustrated — Nets coach Jason Kidd has pending DWI case in NY


  1. How many DWI charges does he have ?
    I will let him off easy, this time…Next time we might have a problem.

  2. I live in Water Mill and he did not veer into the woods, where he crashed is a 30 second drive from the beach.  There are no woods in that area, he made me late to work that day, he veered into a single tree  along the road not the woods