Jerry Stackhouse e-fights with Nets fans

According to NetsDaily, Brooklyn Nets guard Jerry Stackhouse got into some textual battles with Brooklyn Nets fans unhappy with his play last night. Some examples of what Stackhouse said to fans:

@jkrugelhead get your followers up.. You’re not even worthy of a response

@BSchulzBKN Fans want interaction but when it’s not what you want to hear.. It’s rude and defensive.. Ok

@BSchulzBKN we’ll take pride in the fact your team is 11-1 this year! If I was 36-36 you’d still find something to complain about! Be Happy

@BSchulzBKN Thx! Educate me b/c I’ve never been a fan.. Always on the other side..

@baptiste718 @marshon2 neither one of us make that call. When our number is called we play our mins, if not, we support the other #teammate

@BSchulzBKN wonder if I came to your cubicle and critiqued your work and put it up for public consumption, would your view change??

@jkrugelhead Aren’t you a nets fan? Or just a Marshon fan? This is the best this team has been in loooong time!!

@alboboy98 @ed_boulanger I really don’t mind.. I like to argue sometimes! Lol

@BSchulzBKN I will… Shots come and go just like some “Fans”. I’ve shot 0-1 in 4 of the last 5 game. I’m really struggling? Gtfoh

There was also this direct message to user @BSchulzBKN:

The tweets, except the second-to-last, have since been deleted. Stackhouse followed up with this this morning:

We are enthusiastically pro-Stackhouse here at The Brooklyn Game, though there’s no denying that he’s struggled since his quite-literally historic start.

Just another example of this Microwave Twitter world we live in today.


  1. Oh Jerry. Why…

    This guy needs to be wearing a suit for the rest of the season. I felt like it was some kind of sick joke they were playing on us last night when he went into the game. Then he acts like we’re winning because he’s playing his little 3-4 minute spurts where he looks like he belongs in a nursing home.

    Give it up Jerry, just please give it up…

  2. A tough guy on his last nerve… well, there hasn’t been a player rushing the crowd since Artest in 2004.

  3. Why do you guys overhype Stack, Yea its really nice when he hits those corner three’s and the O was so bad during the Avery run he was actually carrying the team when they needed him for a few games. But he said what he is, he takes 1-4shots a game, and plays 5-8 minutes. He doesnt deserve an A+ everynight!!!!

  4. Stackhouse is being ridiculous here. The guy didn’t directly contact Stack, and he didn’t say anything that was especially rude or disrespectful. He fairly criticized his game, something that all fans do. It seems like Stack believes fans should never comment on players unless it’s positive.

    I definitely think fans some times go over the top with what they say about players on Twitter, but this is not one of those times. The initial tweet was simply “Jerry Stackhouse checks in for a reason I’ll never understand.” There have been much worse things said about athletes.

    1. Same thing happened to me a few years ago while tweeting during a game I was covering during the infamous 09-10 season. A player, who shall rename nameless but who’s initials rhymed with DVR got quite testy with me when I made a tweet that implied a lack of effort (the other team was in transition, as was often the case against that Nets team and I wrote, DVR is literally walking from one end of the court to the other). In this case, I didn’t even use the players name, just his initials. Had quite a headache the next few days with his posse talking about how I had no right to criticize etc. Personally, I don’t get why athletes use Twitter and why they would even pretend to engage fans.