Jazz 92, Nets 90: Nets lose another heartbreaker

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

After “the system” missed a variety of open shots throughout the first three quarters, Williams showed up in the fourth, attacking the rim and scoring back-to-back layups late. Williams attacked the lane on those two plays unlike he had all game. That’s the Deron you want to see — you just want to see it for more than two possessions.


Had an excellent game until the curious final few seconds. Seems like Mo Johnson is dead and gone. Got into the post and hit floaters in the lane. Hit open threes and carried the offense in the second quarter.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Played with such an impressive energy in the first quarter; driving into the lane, getting layups and dunks (including one circus-y and-one), and finding teammates (including a pretty feed to Joe Johnson on the wing). Now if only he could make three-pointers with any consistency — like the one that could’ve given the Nets the lead, and likely, the victory.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Kind of the game you expect Humphries to have with this starting unit — rebounds, cuts to the basket for occasional sneaky shots at the rim, some bobbled passes and lost balls, and enough of a commitment to defense to help cloud the interior. His pick-and-roll defense was very good — better than it had been in recent weeks.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Good to see him at full strength again, though it was clear they weren’t trying to push him. Not a lot of sets run directly for Lopez after the first quarter and sat the end. Also: If only that circus shot counted.

As an aside, it’s impossible for me to see Lopez on the court against the Jazz and not wonder the “what if:” with the proper development with each other, what would a Lopez-Favors frontcourt look like today?

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Didn’t change his approach, even with four fouls late.


Had a sublime +/-, but in a flukish way; often got caught in midair needing to do something with the ball without really knowing what his options were.


Had a couple of nice defensive plays, though not spectacular. Missed the buzzer-beater that could have sent this game to overtime, and though I saw some jokes at his expense as a result, at least he got the offensive rebound.


  1. I don’t WANT to believe that Avery is the problem, but… 7 leads of at least 13 that you lose? That has to be on the coaching to some degree.

  2. It’s all focus. You get ahead and stop focusing on the details and intensity that brought you that lead. You stop playing – leads to D breakdowns, turnovers.

    1. And that’s on a coach for not motivating his guys. You would think it wouldn’t happen again after the Minnesota game, yet it seems to happen every game.

  3. So frustrating. 7 times we’ve blown 13+ point leads which has lead to 6 losses? That’s awful. Deron is playing terribly. Honestly how in the world can you shoot less than 30% when you’re supposed to be one of the best PG in the game? So frustrating to have to deal with this team in NJ only to come to Brooklyn, start off great, then play terribly all over again.